7 Things Successful Women Do Over The Holiday Break

Ridiculously Successful Women Do These 5 Things During the Holidays—Do You?
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Schmoozing at office parties, wrapping presents galore and cooking a feast for twenty, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But, with the new year approaching, there’s no better holiday gift to yourself than spending time to prepare mentally to successfully conquer 2019.  Successful women enjoy the holidays with family and friends but they also make sure maximize their time, improving themselves from a professional (and ultimately personal) perspective. Subsequently, after they return from the holiday break they’re more prepared, productive, and confident.

The moment it strikes midnight on January 1, 2018, its completely up to you to decide how you will step into the New Year. That said, don’t wait until 11:55 PM to hastily jot down your list of ambitions on your cocktail napkin. You know you want to be smarter, strengthen your skills, and get closer to achieving your big goals this year, but what’s the game plan?

As we speak, the most successful women amongst us are already planning their who, what, and where for the next twelve months. They are taking advantage of every free moment this Holiday season (don’t worry they still have time to watch ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas) to plan their future. They’ve mastered juggling drinking plenty of eggnog and shopping all the holiday sales while making sure to prioritize on the top of their wish list time to recharge and refocus for the sprint ahead.

So even though, it’s appealing to spend the entire break cozy by the fireplace and munching on gingerbread cookie, let this be your time where you outline your financial future.

Keep reading for the 5 things successful women do during the holidays to keep it 100 throughout the year.

Reflect on the Year

Reflect on how you rocked 2018, and what it will take to jump to the next level in 2018. We are present at the time of a job promotion, demanding project, or peer conflict, but don’t truly take advantage of these golden moments and the signs they offer. Everything you did this year, in one way or another, can offer directional advice toward your 2018. What worked in your favor and what were the many lessons that you learned? Take an hour a day for self-medication and reflection on last year’s performance, which will help you develop clear intentions for this new year.

Create a Goal List

Now that you’re ready to move past 2017 and go full blast into the coming year, jot down your goals. Of course, we can envision our goals, but referring to a physical list of our plans will keep us on target. You definitely don’t have to write down every single aim in the coming weeks, but having a steady list will give you the motivation to keep it growing throughout the year.

Add a new goal every day, such as being on top of your budgeting, promote your business, pick up a side hustle, or even set you to alarm an hour earlier to squeeze in some extra work.

In a planning mood? See how an investment plan could help you manage your finances. Ellevest is one way to do it. You can get a personalized portfolio in under 10 min. And it’s made by women, for women.

Learn A New Skill

When do you have time on your hands to just do you? When you’re not baking cookies or visiting the city, set aside time to for a new talent or skill you’ve been eager to explore. You know what we’re talking about —  that resume ‘skill’ you’re so ‘proficient’ in? Why don’t you actually become proficient in it? For example, increase your value by familiarizing yourself with a new application, blogging, creating content on Photoshop, studying a new language, or maybe popping into a few dance classes to relieve stress.

Who knows? You might discover a skill you never knew you had, which will end up influencing your 2018 in ways you never imagined. Get it done here.

Skillshare, a learning platform that brings online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners is your place. It’s personalized and on-demand, learning in design, photography, and allows you to discover new opportunities.

Read Inspirational and Motivational Books

The time is now to dive into an empowering book, analyze research, or gain knowledge in a podcast. Reading and listening are two of the best things you can do to educate and feed wisdom to your mind. Entering into a new year and holding high expectations for yourself can be intimidating and daunting.

But this content will inspire you to remain positively focused on your dreams and career plans. Whether your traveling on the plane or snuggling up in bed, always have some form of inspiring content at your fingertips. Check out our list of must-reads by badass female authors.

Track Their Money Habits

The key here is to use a money tracking method that you’re most comfortable with—an online website, a spreadsheet, pen, and paper, or an app. We don’t think there’s a perfect budgeting app out there. But a lot of people love the online money management company, Mint. It’ll help you categorize all your expenses, track your financial goals, and give you a heads up when you’re about to overspend. Use it every all the time—fill it out so you know where you stand.

Getting out of high-interest debt from credit cards is typically the goal to tackle first, especially credit card debt, followed by building an emergency fund.

Next, look at other lower-interest debt, such as student loans, and see how you can make it more affordable. Refinancing can make these loans more manageable by reducing the amount of interest you pay. LendKey can connect you with low-interest loans from a network of community leaders. Apply and Save.

Once you’ve got your finances (including your emergency fund and plan to pay off your debt) under control, the next step is…

Ensure Their Savings Account Is Making Them Money

Accruing interest on the money you already have  is one of the easiest things you can do to make money and secure a comfortable retirement.  With the holidays giving them more time to evaluate, successful women do their research when it comes to making sure their money is working for them.

How to get started now: Choosing the right retirement and investment account to fit your needs can be challenging, each one has its own rates and fees to take into consideration. If you’re ready to get started now, here’s one way to do it. You can get a personalized portfolio in under 10 minutes. And its made by women, for women, with portfolios that allow you to invest in companies that support women.

Evaluating Their 2018 Setting a New Budget for 2019 and

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, highly encourages choosing to invest. It’s something you can choose to take action no matter the time of year, but there’s no point in waiting until 2018 to get your investing plan in line.

You have the time during the holidays to thoughtfully explore the ins and outs of investing. If you start investing now you’ll be steps ahead on the path to securing a stronger 2018, but most importantly, a stronger financial future. When you’re ready to invest, Sallie and her team at Ellevest are ready to lead you through your personal investment plan.

Eager to learn more about investingSign up with Ellevest today to guide you through your personal investment plan for 2018

ay yourself first: Your new resolution for 2019. Make sure a cut of every paycheck goes straight to your retirement or savings account and does not pass go.

Pay yourself first and you’ll retire like a boss later. Plus, here are some other budgeting ideas.

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