These Are the Best 24 K Gold Masks for Every Budget

These Are the Best 24 K Gold Masks for Every Budget
Photo: Gigi Hadid

There are all sorts of face masks buzzing in the beauty market, but the one phenomenon we just can’t get enough of is the 24K gold mask.

After our favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels posted golden selfies before strutting down the 2016 runway, we decided to do some gold mining of our own. As it turns out that when you slather your face in gold, the results are magical.

Beyond the fact they are literally putting “gold” on their face, we know exactly why girls are totally sold on this skincare treatment – this metallic has everything needed to make you feel regal in your own skin. The ions in this metal trigger your skin cells to work wonders with antioxidants the can stimulate the production of new skin cells. Another skin-loving addition is collagen, which helps keep your complexion hydrated and soft.

To make wading through the beauty-product waters more digestible, we curated a list of the best hydrating gold masks — a collection of editor-recommended sheet and pure masks. We also made sure there are a few affordable options mixed in with our favorite luxury ones because the holidays are upon us and our bank accounts should stay in check. Below, find the gold masks that will dose your skin up with a fresh drink of water, infusing hydration along with antioxidants, active ingredients, and AHAs. Keep scrolling for the goods.

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Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask ($39.10) ($34.71)

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[Too Cool for School] Pumkin 24k Gold Mask * 5 Sheets ($24.37) ($20.49)

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Majestic Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask ($49.50) ($21.50)

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Hitece 24K Gold Gel Collagen Eye Mask ($3.58) ($3.10)

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EBP Medical 24k Gold Bio-Collagen Facial Mask ($9.38) ($7.49)

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LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask ($49.99) ($16.97)

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Beautiful By Design 24K Gold Collagen Lip Treatment Mask Patches ($39.99) ($12.49)

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Miss Spa 24K Gold Radiance Facial Sheet Mask ($5) ($3.99)

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First Botany Cosmeceuticals 24K Gold Scrub for Face and Body ($79.95) ($16.95)

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Mabox Anti Aging Wrinkle Firming Face Cream ($39.99) ($10.99)