Inside Runway Rogue: The New Beauty Brand Everyone Will Be Talking About

When 90’s supermodel and cover girl Patricia Hartmann launched Runway Rogue, a high-performance, paraben-free beauty brand last December, she knew she wanted to begin the journey with a mindset of helping women refine and experiment with their own personal “Attitude of Beauty.” I sat down with Hartmann to discover more about her new beauty line and cult following.

“The journey in creating Runway Rogue products has been incredibly hands on, and I’ve pulled inspiration directly from my years of modeling so that each shade of lipstick has a complete story behind it,” Hartmann says. Specifically, Hartmann recounts a story behind one of her favorite shades and Runway Rogue’s best-seller: Head Over Heels ($21), which is inspired by a fashion show she did in the 90s in which the makeup artist created special shades of lipstick for the models. Hartmann recalls, “I worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world in the 90s: Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown.  When I started Runway Rogue I wanted to recreate some of the things I had learned from them. I searched high and low for an amazing lab and I was incredibly involved in making my products.”

Hartmann has mastered, or perhaps was born with, the enviable pout to make the I woke up like this beauty look effortless and polished.  And, so, it’s appropriate that Runway Rogue’s debut launch takes you back to the Hartmann’s iconic pout with a carefully crafted limited edition collection of creamy lipstick bullets (in matte and satin finishes), rich glosses and extreme long wear pencils. The colors include brights, bolds, and sheers. Asked about her concept for Runway Rogue, Hartmann tells us, “I see makeup as a gateway to experimentation, creative expression, and confidence to pursue the life you want to live. The life you dreamed of when you were three years old. The life you still dream of today, and actively create in every moment.” She continues, “I started Runway Rogue to open the floodgates of passionate playfulness to women and men around the world. Our mission is to provide high-performance cosmetics, and since my passion for lip products has never waned, I decided to begin this journey by creating gorgeous shades in different textures so that you can refine and experiment with your personal ‘Attitude of Beauty.'” Having walked the runways of Paris, New York and Milan for designers such as Chanel and Oscar de la Renta, Hartmann has created what she calls her own runway, of a slightly different nature. “I walked on the actual runways, but I feel that everyone has their own runways –  because in life you want to look beautiful and life is your runway.”

With Hartmann’s passion, experience and expertise, there’s no doubt Runway Rogue will expand to an all-encompassing line of runway-ready products. So without further ado, scroll down for a roundup of lush lipsticks, glosses and liners from Runway Rogue’s debut collection.

Casting Call
Runway Rogue Casting Call ($21)
Runway Rogue Chameleon ($19)
Head Over Heels
Runway Rogue Head Over Heels ($21)
Runway Rogue Chic ($18)
Perfect Pout
Runway Rogue Perfect Pout ($19)
Runway Rogue Supermodel ($19)
Runway Rogue Fashionista ($21)
Runway Rogue Strut ($18)
Runway Rogue Stilettos ($21)

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