8 All-Natural Mascaras That Work Wonders

Penelope Cruz once said, “On days that I’m not working, I like to keep it natural, but I always wear mascara. It’s the little black dress for your eyes.” And I have to agree. Because even when I’m just going to work or doing grocery shopping, simply wearing mascara makes me feel well… great. But it makes me shudder to think about what exactly is in the dark, inky formulas that make up most of our mascaras. Flip over to the ingredients section of your mascara, and you’ll notice a long list of harsh ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and sodium laureth/sodium laurel sulphate. If your eyes are easily irritated, or if you’re just wanting to start a more natural beauty routine, consider natural mascara. A natural mascara can help you look great without inflicting any harm to your eyes or skin. Knowing how difficult it is to find a great beauty product (especially when that product is a green product), we did the legwork for you and shopped around for the best non-toxic mascaras on the market.

Scouring the internet, best-seller lists, Amazon reviews and more, we’ve found the best natural mascaras that promise to give your lashes length, volume, and thickness, sans the harmful chemicals.

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Kjaer Weis Mascara, Black ($38)

2 / 8

Ilia Beauty Mascara, Night Fall ($26)

3 / 8

Physicians Formula Waterproof Mascara, Ultimate Black ($9.99)

4 / 8

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara ($22)

5 / 8

Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural Mascara ($22)

6 / 8

100% Pure Mascara, Black Tea ($25)

7 / 8

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara ($28)

8 / 8

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara ($21.99)

Do you have a favorite all-natural mascara that we missed here? Tell us in the comments below.


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