7 Chic Wedding Invites That Make Us Rethink The Classic Invite

I’m a huge proponent of going green—no matter the project or task ahead.

As such, I was very happily surprised when last week, I received an invite for a friend’s wedding in my inbox. That’s right, inbox. Digital invitations are the norm now for most celebrations. Still, for traditions sake, online wedding invitations have somewhat been considered a faux pas. However, as more modern couples are embracing the wedding e-invite, the trend is becoming more common (and thankfully) more stylish!

If you recently got engaged and the thought of wedding invitations stress you out, you’re in luck. We found a great site, Wedding Paper Divas, that specializes in providing digital stationery for the modern bride—whether you want to upload your own custom design or tailor one of Wedding Paper Divas’s exclusive designer invitations, every invitation is delivered complete with personalized envelope, liner, stamp, and RSVP tracking.

Since we know that it’s often difficult to filter through email invites,  we did the work and selected 7 elegant digital wedding invites — all of which you can customize to your personal story and style! 

Want more? https://thatsweetgift.com/bride-to-be-gifts-ideas/


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