10 Investment-Worthy Pieces That You Will Not Regret Buying

10 Investment-Worthy Pieces That You Will Not Regret
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When you’re in your twenties, it can be hard to look far into the future when you’re not completely sure what the next couple of years will hold for you – and sadly, there’s no ‘Magic 8 Ball’ here to tell you what’s in store for your future (sorry ladies.) But, amongst all of those concerning life questions that have the tendency to pop into your mind as a young adult – “Where will I be living?” “Where is my career going?” “What do I want to do with my life?”, it is vital to invest in your personal happiness. Yes, those life-related questions are important when evaluating your life success, but investing in, or experiencing moments that make us truly happy is definitely a top priority.

It’s no secret that everyone is the best version of themselves when they feel their absolute best. It can be devoting your time to something small, like purchasing that lipstick that’s the perfect shade of red or drinking an exceptionally good cup of coffee every morning. It can possibly be something more extravagant, like finally taking that Mediterranean cruise you’ve been dreaming about or signing a lease to your first apartment.  Just remember, whatever helps you feel like your best self is an investment worth making.

Keep reading for the investment-worthy pieces that you’ll want to save up for below.

1. A go-to professional outfit

As a woman in your twenties, and whether you’re into fashion or not, having a go-to professional outfit is key to being prepared for important life events that come your way. Whether you have a job interview, fancy dinner, wedding or networking event, giving off an exceptional first-impression can showcase your ability to get a job offer, act sophisticated in a professional environment and define your personality through your sense of style.

Find the perfect “power suit” is about finding what pieces enhance your shape and define your style. Ultimately, you have to feel confident in what you wear, especially to a special event. Here are some clothing items to look for in shaping your go-to professional outfit.


1 / 43

BCBGMAXAZRIA Houndstooth Plaid Blazer ($298)

Blazer: this can go with just about everything. You can dress it up or down with dress pants, jeans or skirt. Most likely, a black colored blazer will coordinate with most outfits, but if black isn’t your color of choice, try another neutral color or a bright colored blazer as a statement piece in your closet. Here are a few editor-approved blazers you’re going to love.

2 / 43

Amanda Uprichard X REVOLVE Blazer ($260)

3 / 43

L'Academie The Fleur Blazer ($158)

4 / 43

Lovers + Friends Trinity Blazer ($188)

Black dress: A true classic! A plain black dress can be worn by itself or paired with really fun accessories and shoes! It’s essential to have in your closet because you can wear it to almost anything. Not only is it perfect for work but it’s great for a casual outing as well, making it easy for you to hit up happy hour with no need to stop at home and change! Need a new black dress (Always). Check out these black dresses from Revolve that are perfect for those desk-to-dinner days.

5 / 43

Michael Michael Kors Ribbed Knit Bell-Cuff Dress ($150) ($56.25)

6 / 43

Parker Tangia Dress ($298)

7 / 43
8 / 43

Theory Silk Combo Slip Dress ($355) ($231)

Black heels/or slip on: No woman in the world should go without a classic black heel. When you’re looking for a pair of shoes to complete an outfit, you’ll be glad you invested in these; as they will be your go-to option for completing an outfit. Heels can have the potential to be uncomfortable, so if you don’t want to take that risk, try to opt for a shoe that is generally more comfortable. Fashion labels, Sam Edelman and Steve Madden are always a great go-to if you’re in the need of any work appropriate sandals, mules or flats. Personally, I love the Ariella heel from Sam Edelman.  It’s only $100 and looks like a million bucks. Here are a few more black heels that are equally great.

9 / 43

Sam Edelman Ariella Heel ($100)

10 / 43

M. Gemi The Lettura Black Heels Sz 6 ($94.99)

11 / 43

Schutz Rhana Heel ($180) ($126)

12 / 43

Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Heel ($130)

5. A Skin Care Routine That Works

It is highly encouraged to take care of your skin while it’s youthful to prevent or reduce the skins’ common signs of aging. Products like a face wash, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen help to clean, brighten and clarify the skin’s surface. Their quality ingredients or additives have the power to benefit your particular skin type as well! If you have particularly dry skin, look for aloe vera, ceramide or hydraulic acid on the ingredients label. For an oilier complexion, try products with tea tree, glycolic acid, or a clay mask to eliminate shininess. Depending on the condition of your skin, you may want to see a skin care professional for an additional opinion. That way, if there are certain products or ingredients that need avoiding, you’ll know before purchasing anything that can be harmful.

In addition to facial products, using lotion or a body oil to moisturize your body can keep it give it healthy and hydrated. The best time to use a lotion is right when you get out of the shower. That way, the product can help thirsty skin pores from the hot water. Remember, finding the products that work the best for skin type won’t happen immediately. But, once you find something that works, make a consistent routine a must!

Looking for investment skincare on a budget,  you’d be surprised how much amazing skincare you can find on Amazon. Here

13 / 43

Cosmedica Hyaluronic Serum Hydrating Facial Moisturizer with Anti-Aging Skin Care Properties ($23.95) ($23)

14 / 43

Vivo Per Lei Moisturizing Day Cream ($21.98)

15 / 43
16 / 43

La Mer The Treatment Lotion ($95)

17 / 43

6. High-Quality Undergarments

It’s hard to feel like a fully functioning put-together adult if you find your undergarment drawer filled with holes in your underwear and wires poking out of your bras. If you want to be a badass #girlboss, you have to have the intimates to match. With a study that showed that the average woman will spend over $4,000 dollars on bras in her lifetime, it only makes sense to make the investment now and buy a bra that will actually last a lifetime! In today’s world of comfort being key, women are now able to buy bras where comfort is the main priority.

Bra companies like True & Co. have made it their mission to create the perfect bras for women that are as comfortable as possible. By collecting data from over 6 million women, adulting has never looked so easy. No matter what life situations are thrown at you, it’s worth it to know that you’re wearing a bra that can support you through all of it.

18 / 43

True & Co. True Body Lift Wireless Bra ($58)

19 / 43

True & Co. True & Co Gramercy Bralette ($56)

20 / 43

True & Co. True Body Wireless Bra ($49)

7. A Planner

Planners are fantastic organizational tools that should be used on a daily basis. Whether it is for work, fitness goals, budgeting, or just daily life in general, planners basically make you an organized queen. They can assist you in making more intentional choices, allow you to be creative and make it easier to remember important deadlines or appointments.

Trying to remember things from memory is not worth the stress when you can easily write things down. With planners becoming extra colorful, customizable with stickers and post-its, and more in-depth with calendar categories, you can remember your to-do’s in a fun and stylish way!

21 / 43

Daily Monthly & Weekly Academic Planner 2019 Planner ($7.99)

22 / 43

ANTHROPOLOGIE Mila 17-Month Planner ($30)

23 / 43
25 / 43

Weekly and Monthly Calendar 2019 ($9.99)

26 / 43

Planner 2019 ($28.95) ($19.95)

8. Bedding You Love

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day and watching your favorite Netflix show on your silky comfy sheets. Making the splurge and buying a set of quality sheets really makes all the difference, not only for your time of relaxation but also for your overall sleep. Guru site on all things sleep, The Sleep Sherpa, recommended buying organic linen sheets for your best possible version of a night’s rest. The article states that not only is purchasing organic better for those with skin conditions such as eczema but linen has been shown to help regulate your body temperature. Buying organic linen will be sure to rid your worries of any possible tossing and turning.

We all want nothing more than to rise and shine, look in the mirror, and see a glowing happy face back at us. Here are 10 bedtime habits women with great skin swear by.

No matter how big or small the item or experience may seem, what you’re essentially investing in is your happiness and the best version of you. No one can ever put a price tag on that! What are some of your recommendations for twenty-somethings to invest in?

27 / 43

Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Softest Bedding 1800 Series Platinum Collection ($79.99) ($24)

28 / 43

Serta Sherpa 110 Voltage Heated Mattress Pad ($77.38)

30 / 43

LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask ($16.99) ($12.99)

31 / 43

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask ($7.99)

9. A Timeless Everyday Bag

It sounds overdone. But a great bag goes a long way. Thanks to our friends over at The RealReal you can get a timeless designer bag for a fraction of the price. Check out some of the amazing investment-worthy bags they have from Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and all your favorites.

32 / 43
34 / 43

Chloé Mini Faye Shoulder Bag ($795)

35 / 43
36 / 43

Chanel Medium Chevron Boy Bag ($3600)

37 / 43
38 / 43

Chloé Hudson Mini Charm Bag ($1695)

39 / 43

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Artsy MM ($1695)

10. Classic Boots That Are Perfect for All Occasions

40 / 43

Stuart Weitzman THE LOWLAND BOOT ($798)

41 / 43

Stuart Weitzman THE MARGOT 75 BOOTIE ($575)

42 / 43

Stuart Weitzman THE 5050 BOOT ($655)

43 / 43

Everlane The Modern Chelsea Boot ($198)