Eve Peters

1) What made you want to launch Whim?

I launched Whim because I believe there’s a much better way to meet and connect with new people than the current landscape of dating apps provides. I wanted to create an experience that made going from app to date seamless and delightful – and save people from all the wasted time and energy they typically spend messaging back and forth. 80% of dating app messages never receive a reply, and 90% of matches never make it to an actual date. Whim is a solution that focuses on getting people to that real-life moment right from the start.

2) What cities has Whim launched in?

Whim launched in San Francisco and is now live throughout the U.S.!

3) What can a user add to their profile to boost match success rate?

High-quality photos and thoughtful comments that show who you are are the best way to increase your match success rate.

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4) How did your time at OkCupid help in developing the app?

I learned a lot while working at OkCupid Labs — from metrics-driven product management to launch marketing to insights about what makes apps worthwhile and fun to use.

5. How does Whim work?

The first time you log in, you create a profile and set your available dates and preference. After that, you start getting potential matches. As soon as two people have expressed interest in each other, Whim sets up a time and place for the date. Just as easy as that!

Read on to check out incredibly easy outfit ideas for every kind of first date, and see how Whim works at the end.