“The Key” to Happiness, According to the Laws of Attraction

“If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

The basic steps of the law of attraction are 1) think of what you want;  2) proclaim it/write it down; and 3) it shall appear in your life. With these steps, your desires will manifest.

But, there is a missing piece of this equation that is not often talked about. That link is that you must also feel your way into the attraction. By feeling, we vibrate on the same frequency to attract what it is we desire. To feel our way into attraction, we must act as if we already have what we want. In doing so, we must also feel how we would feel if we had what we desire NOW. The problem is, most people tell the universe what they want them, but then they continue to focus on the lack of that thing in their life, and the feelings created are the same feelings of lack.

Focusing on the lack of what you want (even if subconsciously) attracts more lack in your life. For example, say you want to attract the perfect mate into your life. You write it down and journal of the universe that a perfect mate, and all their qualities, is what you desire. After journaling, you still think about how much you desire this perfect mate in your life. Maybe not every day, but you still think about and desire this. To say the least, when you think of your perfect mate, whether you realize it or not, you are more focused on your lack of having that special someone in your life instead of having unwavering faith that they are coming into your life.

The lack of whatever it is you desire may not be ALL you focus on, but typically when we want to attract something into our life we keep focusing on how we don’t have it yet, but at the same time convince ourselves of how happy we will be when we finally achieve our desire.

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The desire step is important and necessary. However, there is a missing step to asking for what you desire and waiting for it to manifest. In order to bring what you desire into your life, you need to get yourself in the emotional state of already having what it is you desire. Once you do this, you will quickly manifest the object of what you want into your life (or person, money, love, body, etc.). Why do you ask? When you vibrate the feeling of already having what it is you desire, you bring that thing into your life quickly. Like attracts like, meaning, like vibration attracts vibration. With time and awareness of how you feel, you soon can attract all your desires into your life faster than you may think.

Here are 3 steps to help attract all your desires into your life.

1) Spend some time thinking about how it would feel if you already had what you desire:

This first step is probably the most important (in my opinion, at least). Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes, 1-2 times per day (morning and evening), and image the feelings of love, joy, happiness, comfort –whatever feelings you would feel if you already possessed your desires. Play with these feeling so much until they feel real, and in the present moment. The more you do this, the quicker what you desire will come to you.

If feeling the emotions from obtaining what you want is challenging, take a break and just focus generally on feeling good. For example, think of the joy and happiness a friend, family member, or pet brings you. I think of my cute little nephews and immediately feel happy. I call this a “happiness hack.”

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2) Meditate to calm your mind

Sometimes we want something, but get caught up in the feelings of not having it. It’s admittedly hard going from feelings of lack straight to feelings of imagining all the wonderful feelings you would feel if you did possess what you desire. Instead of forcing yourself to go from zero to 60 within seconds, work on calming your mind, to the point of non-thought. No thought is better than negative thought, especially when you find it a real struggle to feel all the positive emotions you desire right away.

Meditation is a good “break” from your natural pattern of thinking and carries with it a host of other wonderful benefits for the mind and body.

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3) Visualize whenever you can

Did you know what visualizing is just as powerful as actually physically doing something? The mind has a hard time differentiating between our physical actions and the actions we see in our mind. Because of this, see yourself as already having the things you desire, and living the life you want.

Visualizing goes hand in hand with feeling the emotions of what it is you desire (step 1) because once you see it in your minds-eye, you feel the feelings. Sometimes, I personally cannot find images of what I desire, and this can make me frustrated. Instead of getting frustrated, I have learned to return to step 1 and focus on feelings whenever I can’t “see” what it is I desire. Although imagining things we don’t have may be challenging, I suggest that you keep trying to do it. If it’s not working, don’t give up. With a little practice and patience, you can create a beautiful life script of what you want, in your mind – then in your life.

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We are creators and have the opportunity to create our life each day. Why not create a life you love living? The key to happiness is to focus on how it feels to have what you desire before you even have it. Once you master this, your creations will be limitless. Happy creating, and Happy Holidays!

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