5 Things Ridiculously Successful Women Always Do

5 Things Ridiculously Successful Women Always Do

What does it mean to be successful?  The definitions range from realizing your full potential to bringing in a six-figure income ⏤ to being featured on the cover of Forbes magazine.

One thing that is static, however, is that a key means to building our success — our career growth — is for the most part out of our hands. In fact, to be perfectly honest, a lot of the decision about our careers is really out of our hands. Why? Because, according to Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder, and CEO of the new women-focused investment platform, Ellevest. Because according to, Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder, and CEO of the new women-focused investment platform, Ellevest, all of the important decisions about your career will be made when you are not in the room,

While grit, dedication, and confidence are traits that all successful women share, we need to establish habits and get sponsors for ourselves if we want to triumph in our career. “That’s a testament to the power of sponsorship,” she says, quoting Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley’s vice chairman of Wealth Management.

Ahead, learn the 5 habits you need to adopt if you want to succeed in work and life.


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©Success isn’t handed to us on a silver platter.  As great as that would be, real life doesn’t usually work that way.  Even the most successful women didn’t get from point A to Z in one night, so why should we?  To achieve our goals, we have to put in the work necessary to reap the results.  Whether you want to start your own business,  get another degree,  or grow a new passion, the time to begin is the here and now.  The beginning is the most difficult part of the journey, so congratulate yourself for doing just that.

Right now is the best time in history to be a strong, successful, and professional woman. If you’re ready to start investing in your future dreams, sign up for a free financial plan with Ellevest, the first digital investment platform for women.


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Every minute that we spend immersed in negativity is a minute that we could be using to better some element of our lives.  Dwelling in negative thinking is something that is easy to slip into when we face obstacles in our paths or when it takes longer than anticipated to achieve the desired result.  You aren’t alone in your struggles even though you may feel like you are singled out.  Successful women also experience moments of uncertainty, frustration, and disappointment and aren’t immune to gloomy days, but they don’t allow themselves to sink into despair and let their inner critic take the front seat.  Instead, female leaders acknowledge their challenges and exemplify a positive, encouraging mindset instead.

Why not be positive just for the heck of it?



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We all make mistakes, big and small. And there is nothing wrong with that human truth.  As a matter of fact, mistakes fuel our wisdom and give us the chance to gauge what doesn’t serve us.

Through our mistakes, we truly understand what kind of life we want for ourselves.  Instead of wallowing in shame, regret, and self-pity, successful women grow from their mistakes and appreciate them for what they are worth.  They find treasure in the depths of their disappointments.  Don’t be afraid of failure, as your wrong turns may be the precursor you need before your biggest success catches up with you.



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fOne of the biggest misconceptions is that we need to change ourselves in order to succeed. Sure, it is smart to find inspiration in others and apply new found principles to our lives, but that doesn’t mean our true selves should be crushed in the process. Successful women love to improve, adapt, and modify themselves in ways that best support their ambitions, but they do so without throwing themselves away. You see, that is not what success is all about. In fact, you can still be yourself and find success. Besides, when there is only one of you in the entire world, why would you give yourself up to be someone else?

The world needs more of you and your natural gifts.



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Fear be a total buzz-kill, right?  This four letter word shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can stand between us and our success. We wouldn’t want that though, would we? That’s why it is imperative that we make peace with a fear, just as successful women do.  Really successful women actually face their fears head-on, not giving them the chance to stand in their way of triumph.  Fear is a normal evolutionary mechanism that we humans have developed to keep us safe, but it is vital that we separate actual danger from a mentally constructed apprehension that isn’t a threat.

Next up, 5 things ridiculously successful women always do.

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