Literally Every Beauty Editor is Obsessed with Glossier

We all have our favorite beauty brands, but few brands out there speak to us in a way that we feel like the products are made for us. And then there’s , the beauty company inspired by what girls want in real life. Glossier is an incredible line of must-have beauty products. Emily Weiss, the 30-year-old founder and C.E.O. of Into the Gloss and Glossier, the tiny but mighty beauty website and direct-to-consumer beauty brand, respectively, is on a mission to create a brand that reflects what women want right now.

In her four years growing Into The Gloss, Weiss has learned not just what products woman love, but also what is missing in the beauty world. With that knowledge and she made the move from beauty editor to skincare and makeup entrepreneur. Glossier launched it’s Phase 1 of skincare essentials, a well-curated bundle of products that are gentle on the skin but effective, in October 2015. Then in March 2016, they introduced Phase 2, the brands take on makeup staples. Once you try the products, it’s clear that Weiss knows exactly what woman needed.

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