6 Smart and Affordable Hacks To Make Your Holiday Shopping So Much Easier

6 Smart and Affordable Hacks To Make Your Holiday Shopping So Much Easier

It’s that merry time of the year again when all of us are constantly thinking about what to get our loved ones for the holidays. We think about it so much, that at times they even start to appear in our dreams!

It’s just that important to have everything sorted out for the holidays, which, unfortunately, also includes work. Whether we like or not, we have to finish all pending tasks at hand before the holidays begin.

In today’s world, it’s impossible to live on without knowing the cheat code of life. So, here we are to share a few essential hacks to ease your pre-Holiday anxiety.

1. Start Shopping Early

Life has taught us in many ways that we can not take time lightly. We have to be proactive about everything and take action beforehand.

You can start your Holiday shopping early on to avoid the anxiety of last minute shopping. When you start early, you will have more time to browse through different shops and purchase gifts, decoration items, and meal plans.  

You can also avoid the rush and traffic that is common during the Holidays. If you start your shopping a month or two ahead, you don’t have to wait in traffic for an hour to buy a bag of toilet paper. Besides, shops most likely won’t run out of stock during slow seasons.

2. Make a Plan

Once you’ve set your mind to buy holiday presents for your dear ones, it’s time to make a thorough list of what they would like to have as presents for Christmas.

List down the names of your friends, uncles, aunts, neighbors, nephews, nieces, siblings, romantic partner, colleagues and of course your parents. Write down what they will love to have for the holidays.

If you’re unsure about what they would like, talk to them about it. But make sure you do so cautiously so that you can surprise them. Make a column on the paper to write down the shops you want to buy particular gifts, grocery, and decorations from. Also, set dates you’ll be dedicated entirely to holiday shopping.

3. Cut Down on Expenses

Spending on holiday presents, decorations, and party materials can be quite expensive. Rest assured, you won’t be saving any money those three months.

So, in order to make the most of your money on holidays, opt to make cheaper purchases over fancy, gaudy ones. Get familiar with Dollar Stores, Big Lots, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, and Costco.

If you prefer shopping online, be sure to visit websites that offer deals and discounts. Using a handy coupon can also cut down your shopping costs significantly.

Additionally, always buy stuff that’s on sale. That way, you won’t be overspending on all the essentials you will be needing for the holidays.

4. Shop Online

Shopping online has added benefits over shopping from local stores or malls. Malls can be very distracting because of the wide range of products and stores available. If you get sidetracked and let lost in the mess, chances are you might buy the wrong thing.

However, shopping online allows you to browse through various products quite easily without using your feet. It allows you to compare prices and find the best products that meet your budget requirements.

Make sure to read up on the terms and conditions of the site well. That way you’ll know how to get returns, refunds, and warranty on the things you buy.

Looking for a great place to start shopping online? Shop recommended products from Style Salute on Amazon.com. We’re making it easier to drink, eat, and gift merry with all the 411 on everything from what to buy and how to get ready for the new year. We’ve curated gift lists for the sister or friend who loves a good read, gifts for the kids in your family and the gifts for the techie in your life.

5. Meal Plan

To take care of your meal plans for the holidays, consult with the members of your family to come up with money-saving ideas. Do not purchase your groceries from expensive super shops. Always get them on discounts from less pricey stores.

Include lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, less meat, and sweets in the holiday menu. The result is a cheaper meal plan. Besides, your guests will be bringing a lot of sweets with them anyway.

Try out cheap holiday recipes available online that will ease up on your monthly expenses. Finally, don’t get too drunk and waste food.

6. DIY Holidays Presents

While buying presents on sale, coupons and redeem cards are a good way to get through the holidays time. But you may also want to invest in making presents for your near and dear ones with your own loving hands.

If you have a garden, you can invest some time in making DIY body scrubs, spa treatments, homemade soap, and bouquet.

You can also make your own homemade vinyl record book, scented candles, knitwear, painted notebook, woven baskets, earrings, photo collage, your own paintings, cards and short stories for your loved ones during the holidays.

Furthermore, browse through some websites online for other inspirational ideas to create your own DIY holiday presents. DIY presents are a great way to show your dear ones how much you really love them.


First and foremost, plan early on, at least two months before December, so that you can find everything you need before them running out. You can also take your sweet time to choose products when you’re being proactive.

Plan your budget and meals for the holiday. Rely on online stores to buy stuff with coupons and refund benefits. Not will you be saving money, you will also be saving a lot of unnecessary time on the road.

Do your research about preparing cost-effective holiday dishes at home. Include lots of organic food available in organic stores to save up on your expenses. If you have a garden full of vegetables and fruits, you save more.

Lastly, don’t forget to treat yourself too, as you need it as well. 

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