How to De-Pill Your Sweater in Less Than One-Minute


You finally found the perfect sweater. If fits well, it’s the right color, and you got it on sale. But after one wash, it’s covered with knots.

While it seems these knots magically appear every time you go to throw on your favorite sweater, this “pilling”, is actually a result of fiber breakage or friction across the fabric. This extra fuzz not only makes our fashionable sweater look frumpy but also makes us feel like a complete goofball.

We discovered four simple ways to take control of those little fuzz balls with the step-by-step video, “4 Quick Ways to Remove Fuzzy Sweater Pillings!“.

In less then a one-minute trick, you’ll be fuzz-free.

First, this task can be as simple as pulling out a pair of sewing scissors and sniping away the pillings. As always, go slowly and carefully, because one wrong snip and you might never de-pill that sweater again. Second, it turns out combs work for more than just detangling hair, but also de-pilling sweaters.

A gentle brush with a sweater comb across the fabric, and it will clear your sweater of those stubborn strands. Third, you can use a sweater stone, which works great on more heavy fabric. Multiple strokes in the same direction and this natural pumice will pick those pills up in seconds. Fourth, and our favorite, is the sweater shaver.

It may be a little pricier than the previous options, but its guaranteed to get the job done efficiently and quickly. Just pop in some double A batteries, and move it in a circular motion, and the pilings will be vacuumed straight up. Bring on the cold weather, because are sweaters are ready!

With these products, your sweaters will be de-pilled and ready for fall in no time. Scroll down to shop these must-haves from Amazon.