Dentists Agree: This Is the Best Electric Toothbrush for a Better Smile

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Find one person on the planet that doesn’t want a healthier smile (or who knows how to get rid of stains for good), and send them my way. It’s a nearly impossible task. Teeth stains and plaque are one thing we can all relate to. It’s our job as beauty editors to find the answers to help you get your best smile possible.

Let’s get started.

The Problem

Blame it on the morning coffee, late-night wine, or our chocolate habits, but we all have dental problems.  And anyone who has had the experience of trying to get rid of teeth stains and plaque knows that the amount of care and money that goes into it can be hefty.

And, aside from the requisite brushing every morning and evening and occasional dental cleaning, we likely don’t give a whole lot of thought to our oral care routines. But, that is just plain wrong. If you’re a woman that cares about your beauty routine, your dental health is an integral part of this. Clean, healthy teeth yield long-lasting benefits.

But we get it, life gets busy — and sometimes, we all end up settling for the “easiest” solution and not the one that’s best for us.  To help us take control of our oral health once and for all, we tapped Dr. Sam Zaker, D.D.S., owner of Smile Emporium in San Pedro, to get the lowdown on the best daily dental care routine.

The Solution

First things first, we asked Dr. Zaker, are electric toothbrushes really better than manual ones?  “Put shortly,” says Dr. Zaker, “Yes, they are a whole lot better.” This is because when you brush with an electric toothbrush, you can clean better between teeth, sweep away more plaque, and the right electric toothbrush can help you take better care of your gums — all at the push of a button,” says Dr. Zaker.  “A manual toothbrush can also damage the teeth if used incorrectly (too much scrubbing, mainly), that why everyone needs an electric toothbrush, but if you’re anything like a lot of my patients, that bulky electric toothbrush you bought at Costco years ago is likely collecting dust somewhere on your bathroom counter, needs a battery update and/or a needs a new head.”

What the solution then? “An electric toothbrush that fits your needs and makes the routine a bit more exciting,” says Dr. Zaker. “And if you are in search of an electric toothbrush to use in lieu of your manual one or that clunky old electric toothbrush you have, meet quip, a new company that’s taking oral health care into its own hands by offering sleek electric toothbrushes with mail-order heads — so you’re not relying on an ugly, dirty, old tool.

The Benefits

“As a dentist, I think what quip is offering is an amazing service. If you’re running to work, then yoga or the gym, home, and dinner, you’re not going to remember to order your toothpaste supplies and refills for your toothbrush. But, with a quip electric toothbrush, you can schedule your refills to arrive every 3 months — so you can simplify and improve your dental routine without really changing your routine,” Zaker shares.

Right off the bat, the grand appeal is that the quip electric toothbrush is also a lot sleeker, more slender and—let’s be completely honest—just so much prettier than its present company of electric brushes. And starting at $40  (with subscription) for an electronic toothbrush,  it’s one of the less expensive electric toothbrush options on the market. What’s more, each toothbrush comes with a case that makes it perfect for travel.

“This is a total winner for all of us dentists because when done correctly, the benefits of brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush makes the visits to your dentist less expensive and less painful,” says Dr. Zaker. “I especially love that there are many ways to go about choosing your quip plan. You can include toothpaste or replacement heads or travel mounts in your order — and you can pay a little more upfront so quip sends you refills every three months.

If you are ordering for you and a significant other (or the whole family), quip also has group-set options for buying two or four brushes per package, depending on how many you need. “My wife and I both have one, and we’re obsessed,” says Zaker. “We’re always traveling from dental conferences to home and back to the office so we love how that quip is small and packable and we love that our replacement heads arrive on time every three months so we don’t have to schedule when to change the heads. Plus, the vibrating timer and affordable head delivery service make the whole experience fun and effortless.” Ready. Groupset. Go… straight to your sink to try out your new brush.

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 Single Electronic Toothbrush
quip Single Electronic Toothbrush ($45 today | $5 refills every 3 Months after)

Sign up for a refill plan subscription at They can opt for the $5 plan of only a brush head plus battery, or the $10 plan which includes brush head, battery, and toothpaste. Refills ship every 3 months, and ship for free. Any plan can be canceled at any time, free of charge.
Purchase a brush head or toothpaste individually without a refill plan at the bottom of The brush head is still $5, and the brush head + toothpaste is $10. However, this only ship once, and the customer must pay for shipping.