This is Why You Should Be Using Setting Powder

This is Why You Should Be Using Setting Powder

The whole idea of getting that natural makeup look is to achieve a radiant face that is prettier than what nature had provided. Rosier lips. Flushed cheeks. Perfect skin that is soft, smooth, and radiant. Long lush lashes. Bigger eyes. The works.

That can be achieved with makeup. The only difference is how obvious do you want it to be that you are wearing makeup?  Ideally, you should look prettier, yet look like you are not wearing any makeup at all. Is that possible? Ironically, it takes the full slew of makeup to look like you aren’t wearing any. The result should be as if you aren’t wearing makeup.

Makeup is all about enhancing your beauty, not detracting from it. Done right, your skin should look radiant, eyes bigger and brighter and lips so much more kissable. Great makeup application does that for you. While setting powder has a bit of a reputation for being. . . well, old-fashioned, the truth is a fine setting powder is every makeup artist secret and there are several good reasons for it.  Most importantly, setting powder sets your foundation and makes it last. Setting Powder can make the skin texture seem finer, as it makes the pores look smaller. Last, but not least, setting powder removes the stickiness created by foundation or concealer. It is very important to ensure that the powder you use does not change the color of your foundation.

Loose Translucent Powder

Loose powder is often the product of choice for professional makeup artists. Most loose translucent powders available are not really translucent as they will contain a small amount of color but generally, a translucent powder will fight less with your foundation than a specific shade. Loose powder has the advantage that it does not build up on the skin and create a heavy, caked look. It is very light and if too much is applied it can easily be dusted away with a large, soft brush.

Pressed Powder

The one distinct advantage of pressed powder is that it is much less messy to carry around in your handbag than loose powder. For this reason, it can sometimes be handy for quick touch-ups during the course of the day. You also generally have a wider range of shades to choose from that is the case with loose powder. Best results will come if you choose a shade as close as possible to the color of your foundation and use very sparingly. A fairly recent development is multi-toned face powder like the Saffron Multi-Toned Pressed Powder. The advantage of this is that it avoids the rather flat, one-dimensional tone that can sometimes result from using conventional tinted pressed powder. Your complexion is not one color all over your face, there is a natural shading that occurs and multi-tone powders aim to mimic this, giving a more natural look. Face powder really can be the finishing touch to your make up so it is worth taking the time to perfect your techniques and trying out several products until you find the one that suits you.