Tech Journalist Jessica Naziri Shares Her Favorite Wearables

Tech Journalist Jessica Naziri Shares Her Favorite Wearables
Photo: Jessica Naziri

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, technology is taking over our lives–and while some may choose to run or avoid it, at Style Salute we agree it is rather best to embrace the digital age that we live in. Wearables have very much reached cool status in the celebrity and street style world (who could forget seeing Beyoncé wearing an Apple Watch Edition with a gold link bracelet?). Seeing how specific wearables come in and out of style and how others reach instant cult status over night is always interesting, and since wearables are arguably just as much about efficiency as they are about fashion, we wondered which products really are best for us.

To help us navigate the world of wearables, we connected with tech journalist and entrepreneur, Jessica Naziri, to share her favorite of the moment tech toys and why they’re great. “Wearables are definitely a must-have for the fashion-forward, tech savvy girl who doesn’t want to stare at her phone all day long,” says Jessica. “We all have busy lives and having a ring that notifies us of phone call or a bracelet and reminds us of our upcoming meeting can life easier.” Simple enough! As women who enjoy having more time on our hands, we think she’s spot-on. So, whether you’re a wearables guru or a complete tech novice, everyone can benefit from a few new tech toys.

Scroll through for Naziri’s top wearable picks, from smart rings to on-trend notification bracelets.

Bluetooth Smart Ring
Ringly Bluetooth Smart Ring ($195)

Ringly rings keep you discreetly updated on incoming phone calls, messages, emails, and apps. With the Ringly app installed on your smartphone, you can ensure that only the notifications you want to receive come through.

The Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator
Waverly Labs The Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

Voice translation in your ear in real time. This tiny little device will be your best-friend when you’re traveling.

Wellness and Activity Bracelet
Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet ($169)

Durable and flexible, this surgical-grade stainless steel bracelet tracks steps, calories, distance and elevation The Mira tracker can be worn in bracelet, clipped to clothing or kept discreetly in your pocket.

Stainless Steel Smartwatch
Fossil Stainless Steel Smartwatch ($295)

This touchscreen watch uses Intel Innovation® technology to track everything from steps to calories and connects seamlessly to your compatible Android device or iPhone. We guarantee it will have you feeling like Judy Jetsons in a jiffy.

Notification Chain Bracelet
Rebecca Minkoff Notification Chain Bracelet ($295)

This chic notification bracelet softly vibrates for incoming calls and texts from your favorite contacts while allowing you to silence them at the touch of a button.

Calder Smart Tech Bracelet with 18k Gold or  Rose Gold Plating
WiseWear Calder Smart Tech Bracelet with 18k Gold or Rose Gold Plating ($329)

Wise Wear’s Calder Smart Tech bracelet is designed to keep you safe, happy and connected to what matters most. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, the bracelet tracks activity, including daily and weekly step count, calories burned, distance traveled and active time. It also acts as a personal safety device, featuring a panic button linked to your emergency contacts.

Luxury Gold Key/Bag Accessory
The “O” Luxury Gold Key/Bag Accessory ($49)

Think of The O as a smart accessory for your belongings. Simply attach THE O to the belongings you can’t afford to lose or forget (keys, wallet, charger, laptop etc.). When you are about to leave something behind, the app immediately sends an alert. Waterproof, with replaceable batteries.

Quiet Point Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones
Audi Technica Quiet Point Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones ($49)

Reduce distracting background noise by up to 90% while offering superior sound.

64 GB Egg
Eggcyte 64 GB Egg ($199)

This stylish personal cloud storage device connects you to all your devices anywhere in the world. With this device, you can access your full personal library of photos, data, and music. To use, just download the Eggcyte app, connect remotely with your Egg, and start browsing.

Naziri’s goal is to cover technology sans the jargon and make tech more accessible to people who find the mainstream media’s coverage too confusing or overwhelming.  For more on her, check out her blog, Tech Sesh.