Stop Everything—This is Officially the #1 Makeup Remover

A new beauty movement is afoot: the simple products to transform your beauty routine (from yogurt skin masks to the double-cleansing method) are now again being revered by beauty experts explaining that the products can be the fastest route to a true healthy complexion. One such product is POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser. The ‘Golden Treasure’ (as it was first called) was a miracle worker from the very start. With a history almost as rich as the product itself, the formula for POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser was first founded in 1846 by an American pharmacist. Created as a product to stand by women during the tough times of World War 2, the product was meant to: “help woman them retain their grace, softness and femininity in these stressful new roles.” Since then, POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser has swept the nation, taking on near-mythical status.

When I first to tried the product, I wasn’t expecting much, but with just one small scoop of POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser, my face was clean—and I had never seen my waterproof mascara disappear so quickly, with absolutely no eye irritation (and I do mean at all). The days of slathering an oil-based makeup remover onto a cotton pad and aggressively wiping my eyes is gone—no more.

As our friends over at POPSUGAR pointed out, “If you’ve ever asked a wise grandmother about her secret to youthful smooth skin, you’ve probably gotten a response like: ‘Pond’s on the face and no worries on the brain.’” Not only does POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser cleanse and moisturize your face—according to a story published by Huffington Post,” the product can be used as body lotion, lip balm, and shaving cream—try it on your elbows and watch that black yuck disappear. Here at Style Salute, we love all-in-one’s and at about only $5 a jar, POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser is the ultimate makeup remover and moisturizer in one! For clean, polished and glowing skin, put your trust in a classic.

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Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser - 6.1oz
Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser – 6.1oz ($4.99)

Now that you’ve found the perfect all in one, tell us about your first experience with Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser!