Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask
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Wake up with radiant skin every morning. For the first time at Dior, Hydra Life offers a new generation of night masks with an ultra-lightweight jelly-water texture, boasting the highest concentration of Mallow Jelly*, for 8 hours of continuously-infused hydration. After your first night's sleep, this ultra-fresh skincare offers an "8 hours of sleep" complexion and the 8 benefits of perfectly-rested skin that is full of life: smoothed lines and skin texture; fully-hydrated, supple and plump-looking skin; softness; radiance and a fresh complexion. Day after day, the quality of the skin is visibly improved. The face radiates beauty and freshness. Instantly: skin's texture is ultra-fresh skin is instantly hydrated skin is refreshed After 1 Day: complexion looks fresh facial features appear rested signs of fatigue are diminished Key Ingredient: Anjou Mallow from the Dior GardensResearchers at the Dior Laboratories have been exploring the properties of this organically-grown Anjou flower and its extraordinary ability to capture, filter and channel the purest water to its corolla. Adding to these benefits, some of the biological elements in its composition make the textures in which it is used even more fun and luscious. From deep within to the skin's surface, Mallow is a source of beauty, hydration and pleasure. How to Use: Apply generously all over the face every night at the end of your beauty ritual and allow it to infuse the skin during the entire night. The Jelly Sleeping Mask is no-rinse and suitable for all skin types. 30-ml. *Hydra Life skincare.