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Self-Care 101: Hot Baths, Yoga, Investing

Self-care 101: Hot Baths, Yoga, Investing

These days, we live our lives always on. We never really get a break. Add in crazy work schedules, partner stresses, and family obligations… and life often can only be described as chaotic. Everyone handles stress relief differently, but we’ve noticed self-care makes a big difference.

The idea of self care can sometimes feel a little enigmatic. It’s a nice idea, but practically incorporating it into our already crazy schedules makes it a little harder to actually accomplish. But now, during the holidays, we figured is the perfect time to start.

Self-care is whatever you do to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. But, let’s take a step back. Are you practicing self-care for your future self?

Here’s the thing: You’re still going to be you when you’re retired. You’re not going to stop loving what you do today.  You’ll be the same person you are today — only wiser. That’s why our friends at Ellevest call planning for retirement “planning for Future You.”  

So, while bubble baths, massages, and of course, mud facials seem like obvious ways to take a moment to pause, there are other parts of you that you should be taking care of.

Here’s how planning and saving for retirement is more like yoga than you think.

Taking time now to save time later.

And since writing your goals down makes you more likely to achieve them, taking time to come up with a number and act on your plan can be a self-care win for both Current You and Future You. Win-win.

So, whatever your retirement dreams are, the only way to is to start taking care of Future You is to start saving and investing. Make it happen by investing for the retirement you want.

Ellevest can help you create a savings plan to prep your cash money for retirement. PS: It only takes 10 minutes to sign up.

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