A Note to All Women: This is Why Red Lipstick is a Feminist Statement

A Note to All Women: This is Why Red Lipstick is a Feminist Statement

Whether we intend to charm a date or make a statement at a holiday party, there’s a reason we’re inclined to reach for red lipstick.  It makes us feel powerful, like we can conquer anything (and we can).

This got me thinking: How else has lipstick proven to be powerful today and throughout history?

At a recent press event for Elizabeth Arden’s revamped line of beauty products,  I was fortunate enough to hear the story or Elizabeth Arden,  the woman behind the empire. To start, in 1912, Arden participated in the suffrage movement and played her part by supplying red lipstick (specifically, her iconic Red Door Lipstick) to the suffragettes. As a result, the striking shade of lipstick became an integral of standard rally uniform and something of a symbol of female emancipation. Later, the brand not only survived the depression but actually blossomed. Now, that’s feminism.

So, you see, red lipstick is indeed a powerhouse, if not the most powerful makeup product in your beauty bag.  Fast forward 105 years we continue to see modern day woman stepping up to help one another in the fight to assert feminism.

And by the number of current day feminists, I’d say we are doing pretty well. Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, helps advise women financially, Diane von Furstenberg, fashion mogul, justifies female power in clothing, and Hilary Clinton, an American politician, fights for the female voice nationwide. By the acts of Elizabeth Arden and such women, it’s pretty obvious that women are key for empowering other women.

Keep reading for Elizabth Arden’s iconic red lipstick so your lips can make their own feminist statement.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick - Red Door Red
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