Pierre Dumas Tayla-1 Women’s Heeled Platform Slip-On Open Toe Sandal for Women


Sole material Rubber
Outer material Raffia
Closure type Pull-On
Water resistance level Not Water Resistant


About this item

  • Get the height without the hurt. The heel of the shoe is about 3.5″, but you won’t notice with the 1″ platform. The platform makes this shoe way more comfortable than it looks!
  • A large strap across the foot gives a sense of security by holding you confidently in the shoe. The strap also creates a flattering look on the foot, and lets your toes breathe easy.
  • The wrap on the heel is a woven raffia style material. It makes the shoe feel more organic and free. Just looking at them can remind you of a beach vacation, or a trip to the tiki bar.
  • Lightweight for all day wearability. You won’t feel like you’ve been walking around in brick since these are super light. Enjoy your time, don’t worry about your feet hurting.
  • Wear for years to come. This closet essential is no passing fad. This style can make great impressions for years to come. Who knows, maybe you found your new favorite pair of shoes?

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