Giorgio G25 FineTooth and WideTooth Pocket Comb – Hair Styling Comb for Men and Women, Handmade Beard Comb for Men, Barber Comb, and Mustache Comb for Grooming,Saw Cut and Polished Travel Comb


Material Cellulose Acetate, Celluloid
Hair Type Normal
Color Tortoiseshell
Size 1-Pack



About this item

  • Meet our 5.1-inch handmade pocket comb, a must-have for all your grooming needs. Compact and travel-friendly, with wide and fine teeth, this fine tooth comb and wide tooth comb is perfect for styling and detangling short to medium length hair.
  • Always stay stylish and groomed with our pocket comb and travel comb, crafted from high-quality materials like cellulose acetate and designed to fit easily in your bag, car, or pocket. Flexible, durable, and waterproof for long-lasting use.
  • Our pocket comb is versatile and great for all hair types, providing quick detangling and styling on the go. With a fine-toothed side for finishing and a wide-toothed side for detangling, this comb is a must-have for short to medium-length hair.
  • Our handmade hair combs, crafted from high quality materials to eliminate static and minimize hair damage. Our saw-cut and hand-polished combs have smooth teeth that won’t pull or snag your hair, stimulating blood flow and promoting healthy hair.
  • Experience the luxury of European grooming without breaking the bank. At Giorgio, we believe that good grooming is a way of life. Our tools are designed to help you take your grooming routine to the next level and feel confident in your appearance.
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