7 Fun Things to Do on a Second Date (Match or Not)

The first date was simply perfect, everything from the ambiance to the music, and even your dress. You totally felt the connection.  Now, it’s time for a second date. Going on a second date can be a fun departure from your usual restaurant, bar or coffee shop And you don’t have to be very outdoorsy or super adventurous to do it. There are tons of couple-ly activities that you and your partner can do on a second date that doesn’t involve the traditional restaurant interview setting.  camping or getting lit up by bug bites.

And since you want to keep it fun, we decided to come up with 7 easy and affordable date ideas from Style Salute staffers, just in time for the holidays.  These dates are designed to strengthen the bond with your love interest.

Ready?  Click through to see the fun, interesting, and creative options out there.

Plan an Al Fresco Date Night

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There’s no better way to be natural with each other, then in an all-natural setting with just you, the birds, and the bees. Go on a relaxing stroll in the park, or take the relationship to new heights as you scale a rock wall. You don’t want to exhaust him too much, so find a scenic spot for you to chat over a romantic picnic. This date gives an athletic adventure a romantic nuance.

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Go Rollerblading or Biking


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Let’s be real, there’s nothing more adorable than a couple roller blading hand-in-hand into the sunset – you may never want to let go of his hand after this date. Just like in a relationship, if you fall, you’ll fall together, but it will be all giggles. Stop on the pier for a scoop of ice cream, and see just how sweet he really is. This date is so cute, it makes our heart melt.

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Go to an Amusement Park

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The best part about spending the day at the amusement park is that you will never be bored or have a dull moment together. Have a fear of roller coasters? See if this night in shining armor will willingly conquer your fears with you, and keep you comforted in his arms during the ups, downs, and loops.

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Head to a  Sporting Event

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Suggest a ball game?  There’s no better way to show that you are attentive, and care about his interests. Plus, you get to sit next to each other for an entire sports game, which could mean four hours. This date will be a home run for sure.

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Play like Astronomers

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There’s nothing more dreamy than cuddling while you gaze into the sparkling sky. Lay a blanket on the grass, sit on a rooftop deck, or look through a telescope, for a romantic night under the stars. The stars just might align in your favor, suggesting that you two are meant for each other. Bonus points if you bring hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!

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Find a Place to Mini Golf


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Mini golf is such a classic date, we couldn’t resist. You will have a blast putting balls through themed obstacle courses, and this healthy competition is good for any relationship. Don’t stress if you aren’t pro golfers because it’s all about fun and flirty. You’ll surely smile if he happily goes to fetch your ball in the pond. This a hole in one kinda date.

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Grill a Thing

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You can never go wrong when it comes to a food focused date, because there’s no denying we are all hungry for love. Instead of the typical “Lady and the Tramp” style dining out experience, both of you wear the chef hat tonight. Attend a cooking class or plan an exotic four course meal. After this team building activity, you’ll get to know each other’s real tastes.

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