The Internet is Freaking Out Over This $6 “Wonder” Balm That Cures Insomnia

There’s nothing better than dozing into eight hours of magical dreams. But whenever we really want to relax and wind down, there’s always something that keeps our eyes wide awake and mind alert. Whether our mind is racing through our “to do list”, our coffee rush is still in full swing, we’re  jet lagged, or a bad dream keeps us awake, we all suffer from some kind of insomnia instead of getting our beauty sleep.

Luckily, we discovered the remedy of all sleep remedies — and it’s called Badger Sleep Balm.

With over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, this lip balm will be your new go-to. Made of all natural ingredients and free of any yucky artificial ingredients, it’s safe to generously apply on your lips every night. I even like dabbing it under my nose and on my temples.

How what is on our lips triggers us to fall asleep, we have no idea. But, if it helps us get our much need beauty sleep, we are so in.

Scroll through to add Badger Sleep Balm to your shopping cart, plus check out a few more of our favorite sleep aides.


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