The Genius Product That Will Help You Fall Asleep

The Genius Product That Will Help You Fall Asleep

Not to be dramatic, but my life has not been the same since I bought this Badger Sleep Balm.  It’s nut, but somehow wearing this lip balm has helped me get better sleep and fall asleep faster.

And it’s not just me. You’ve probably noticed that Amazon shoppers love to leave reviews, with some items racking them up. That said, this products glowing reviews say it all. Many of the reviews on Amazon for other products can be vague (or even fake), so I loved that the reviews for this product were spot on about the quality, and use. Here’s one:

“I’ve suffered with sleep problems for years, whether it’s an inability to sleep or chronic nightmares, I’ve been there. Melatonin made me groggy if I didn’t get a full 8 hours and gave me nightmares. Valerian Root made me sleep too deeply, causing me to oversleep my alarms. What I like about this is that it doesn’t put you to sleep, but instead relaxes the mind. I put some on my neck and on the arches on the bottom of my feet and I’m relaxed within minutes and most likely already asleep, but it allows me to awake if the phone rings or anything of that nature. It’s also not a greasy formula, so it doesn’t get all over the sheets. I’d recommend this for anyone who likes sleep.”

With over 500 positive reviews, this lip balm will be your new go-to. Made of all natural ingredients and free of any yucky artificial ingredients, it’s safe to generously apply on your lips every night. I even like dabbing it under my nose and on my temples. How what is on our lips triggers us to fall asleep, we have no idea. But, if it helps us get our much need beauty sleep, we are so in.

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