10 Dual Functional Furniture Pieces For Small Space Storage

Remember that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly stored her phone inside her white suitcases? (So do we!) Much like Holly, we fashion girls own a lot of trinkets, decorations, magazines—and well… things in general—but we can’t just put them anywhere, which is why we need functional furniture.

In my own home, I have magazines and books everywhere and when I have a guest over it often can make the place look unkempt. Recently, I came across a genius piece of furniture: a gGallery coffee table from Urban Outfitters that’s seriously stylish with a removable glass top. A perfect place to store all those coffee table books, cupholders and more. For décor aficionados like me, there’s nothing quite like dual furniture pieces to organize a home. If your home is lacking the space for all your pretty trinkets, take a cue from us and get familiar with dual furniture pieces that are not only practical, but also stylish. From beds with built in storage to a mirror that doubles as a closet, we’ve rounded up our favorite double-wammy furniture units for you. Click through to shop! 


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Urban Outfitters Border Storage Bed ($1,169)

Ideal for students and avid readers, this bed is complete with built-in open shelving for all your storage needs. The metal frame of the bed highlights the wooden storage boxes under the bed - perfect for storing magazines, books—or even a space to show off all your pretty trinkets!

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Tracey Boyd Lacquered Cache Coffee Table ($1,998)

Inspired by her global travels and experiences, Tracy Boyd conceptualizes her furniture designs in a truly unique manner —inspired by a Japanese noodle bowl, the quadrants of this coffee table open  store magazines, remotes and children’s toys.

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Kylee Leopard Accent Storage Ottoman ($149)

Versatile, functional and fun—this leopard ottoman can double as an accent chair with its fun print. You can also use it as a footrest or as a place to rest a tray

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Jackson Storage Bed ($1,169)

This bed may not seem like a dual functional piece of furniture because the storage drawers truly blend into the bed frame. This is functionality and style at its best.

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Hooker Furniture Glam Floor Mirror ($1,899)

Big mirrors make small spaces feel larger and this handcrafted mirror plated mirror glass does just that—plus, you get hidden storage for jewelry behind the mirror. This is an incredibly unique piece and will definitely get your friends talking.

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JCPenney SLOAN STORAGE BENCH ($750) ($375)

Perfect for lounging and storing things, this bench is a great seat for entertaining and can fit a significant amount of items in its base.
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Urban Outfitters Golden Arrow Wall Hook ($49)

This wall hook is not only functional, it’s an art piece. It looks great hanging on a wall on its own—even better with your favorite scarves hanging from it.

Do you have any incredible dual functional furniture pieces that you love? Tell us what they are in the comments below!


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