4 Ways To Stay Focused at Work

For us women working 8 a.m.-6 p.m., summer is the most difficult season.  The sun is setting later, all your friends are constantly posting their flawless pictures frolicking about in Malibu, and all you want to do is search for cute bikinis on Pinterest!  Summer time is here and your mind has begun to wander.  Before you know it, keeping up with client deadlines or chipping away at your side hustle feels virtually impossible and burdensome.  But, in actuality, the summer season is a great time to re-calibrate and tackle your priorities.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your eye on the prize, while still having plenty of fun! 

1. Meditate


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Powerhouse celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Sting all attribute meditation as the source for discovering their true purpose and understanding the meaning of their lives. Giving your mind and body the time to breathe, relax, and reflect may prove to be incredibly helpful, and may even change your life. Devoting time in your day to unplug and silence your mind can help alleviate stress and improve your mood. Much like your workout schedule, an AM mediation session is a great way to start the day off on the right foot.

2. Create a Realistic To-Do List


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It’s not uncommon for to-do lists to become a bit unruly. Instead of creating an extravagant, unattainable list of items, focus on snackable, accomplishable tasks. Once you start to feel the satisfaction of meeting your goals and begin to check things off your list, you’ll make room for more tasks. You’ll start to experience the ‘virtuoso cycle’ of reaching your objectives and gain more self-confidence. If you can’t steer away from writing lofty to-do lists, then give yourself a deadline and try to force yourself to commit to it.

3. Clean Up and Reorganize


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Spring isn’t the only time cleaning should be done! Decluttering your work space will reinvigorate you on a subconscious level and you’ll feel a renewed sense of drive in getting down to business! Getting rid of all those pesky Post-It notes and, I hate to say it, all those adorable photo booth pictures of you and boyfriend from your desk will definitely stop your mind from wandering and keep you on track! Your laptop and latte feel like the only essentials needed.

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep


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The happy-hours never stop being happy during the summertime, and before you know it, you’ve stayed up way past your bedtime. But deep down, we all know the truth about the importance of a good night’s rest. Thanks to sleep evangelist, Arianna Huffington, and her Sleep Revolution, we know that a proper amount of sleep not only improves our health, it aids in accomplishing our goals. It all comes down to finding the right balance, and in order to have the energy for success and exude vitality and confidence, proper sleep is a must.

Want more? Check out Krawcheck’s book ‘Own It: The Power of Women at Work.’


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