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The 4-Step Routine to a More Productive Workday

Many of us claim we’re consistently busy. But are we just surrendering to laziness and sloth?

Often, we confuse ‘busy’ with being productive—two very different things.  I am particularly guilty regarding this matter.  I habitually harp on about how busy life is at the moment, but whether I’m being truly productive comes precariously into question.

I learned recently that all that’s really required in order to be more productive is a simple shift in attitude. After all, heightened productivity does wonders for your wellbeing, encouraging us to feel more content at the end of the day with a potent sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, when we begin to utilize our time and resources judiciously, success is bound to follow. Here at Style Salute, we’ve been following Mark Zuckerberg’s four tips for being a productive powerhouse, which numerous successful people have adopted into their daily customs. Take notes, ladies!

Ready to get stuff done? Scroll down for 4 ways to a more productive workday.


In a Q&A on Facebook, Zuckerberg asserted that he spends around 50-6o hours a week in the office, but thinks about the Facebook mission every minute of every day. Whether it’s in terms our career or running errands for the day, if we continuously think about what our next steps should be and how we’re going to go about doing them, we’re going to achieve so much more out of our day. In this sense, to-do lists really do work. Write one every morning, outlining all you wish to accomplish by the end of the day, and stick with it.

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Zuckerberg has a variety of interests besides his career, which he admirably takes upon himself in a disciplined manner. For example, in 2010, he sought to learn Chinese, and on a Facebook community page back in 2015, he announced he was aiming to read a new book every two weeks. Setting out tangible goals and furthering any hobby is a simple step towards diligence and discipline, which are then smoothly applied in the workplace.

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used to think getting the harder tasks done first before finishing with easier ones was cunningly strategic. In other words, I’d use up all my brain power trying to muscle through mind-boggling stuff, only to then be frazzled with zero willpower to complete the rest of my day’s work. In his book, Mark Zuckerberg: 10 Lessons in Leadership, Michael Essany quotes the social media mogul as declaring, “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.” This makes perfect sense. If we stick to this, we’re going to have enough momentum in the day to keep moving forward without feeling completely frazzled.

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Zuckerberg runs an exceedingly tight ship, according to Noah Keegan, a past employee at Facebook. In account of his time at Facebook, Keegan claims Zuckerberg once threw water over an employee’s computer when a demo didn’t work, and allegedly threatened to use a fake samurai sword to decapitate anyone who took the site down. While we don’t advocate such aggression, we do however agree that a leader should keep his team inspired and driven. Make it clear to your employees from day one that you expect nothing but high quality. But if the work’s not up to par, we suggest refraining from hurling any kind of beverage over it.

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Try this routine next routine next week, and share your results with us below!