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How 10 Minutes of Meditation a Day Can Boost Your Baseline

When she’s not in a courtroom, mindfulness expert and attorney, Mona Tashroudian, shares her healthy living secrets in our “Ask a Mindfulness Expert” column. Come back the first Monday of each month for Tashroudian’s actionable tips to help you on your journey to becoming your healthiest, happiest self.

Do you ever notice how you wake up most mornings, feeling… well—the same? Unless you’re going through something major in your life, most of our moods are stable and pretty much the same each and every morning

In technical terms, this is what we call: your baseline mood. Some people have a super high, super happy, “this-is-the-best-day-ever baseline”, while others are more along the lines of “Is it Friday yet?” In polling those I know, I’d say the latter is more likely amongst the majority of us, who live in a world filled with expectation, stress, societal demands and the like.  So, how is it some people (and I am sure you may know at least one person like this) function at a higher, happier baseline, no matter their situation? Well, lots of factors go into this, including how you were raised, household dynamics, your job, your lifestyle, your relationships, etc.,—but an elevated baseline is arguably the most important one.

Although there are various practices and tactics to upgrade your “baseline”, one tactic I enjoy (and find helpful with elevating my baseline) is meditation. Meditation [in my words] is simply put, the act of sitting (anywhere relatively quiet), for more than two minutes, on a daily basis, with a focus on your breath while letting go of any attachment to your thoughts.

Keep reading to see how 10 minutes of meditation day can change everything—and help bring you to a more positive baseline mood.  Plus, shop our book selection below and learn more about this healing practice.


Sometimes we just need to tell our minds to “shhhhh.” Whether it be to stop worrying about something or to stop thinking unproductive thoughts. These thoughts sometimes put us in a funk [especially if we think them before bed], so it’s best to stop them as soon as we notice them. Stopping bad or negative thoughts before bed (or anytime, really) will cease allowing our subconscious brains to fret over those poisonous thoughts as well sleep. The result- waking up with a little more pep in your step.


Find time for yourself, and to connect with yourself—most of our life is filled with commitments to things external to us- spouses, kids, jobs, family, meditation gives you a few (or many) minutes to just be with yourself.  Creating a habit of “me” time will soon be something you look forward to, and that will bring you joy. When you’re in a place of joy, which is a higher vibration feeling, your baseline will eventually try to match those feelings of joy so you feel them more frequently in your life.


Whether good or bad, we usually focus on the same things every day.  Sady, the media and the world around us teach us to live with fear.  As a result, we subconsciously focus the negative aspects of things or the “worst-case scenario.” By meditating, you will learn to control your thoughts.  This is incredibly powerful as it allows you to choose what you want to focus on. When you choose to focus on good feelings and events, it will re-wire your brain to a more present, happier, and healthier you.

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MEDITATION HOMEWORK: At the end of each meditation (no matter how long or short a time you sit for), think of 3 things you are grateful for—and acknowledge them. This practice will help attract more of the same into your life—and in turn, upgrade your baseline even faster.   

Happy meditating—and happy upgrading!

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