PSA: Glossier’s First Fragrance Launched This Morning ⏤ and It’s So You

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of the cult beauty brand, Glossier(pronounced glossy-yay), the brainchild of Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss — and if you are too, we have some very exciting news to share. The cheekily popular beauty brand just announced a brand-new product to their current beauty line-up,  a personal fragrance that’s so true to your personal style it’s called, Glossier You.

Let me start by saying, I am not a  “perfume person” — I never wear strong scents, and I sneeze almost any time I even go near a perfume department. I’m not into anything too sweet or too musky. If I wear a fragrance, it’s usually fresh and clean, but not overkill. So, it’s very rare that I try a perfume, and I like it at first sniff.  I’ve tried all-natural scents, but they all smell vaguely like greenery, and though I love the outdoors, sometimes I just want to smell like I was hiking. The sruggle is real.

So, when I first tried Glossier’s You and actually liked the smell, I knew this has to be something a lot of other girls will love. The clean, warm fragrance from Glossier that as described on the site’s website comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient. And they’re so right. When Glossier You hit my desk and I took my first sniff, I thought: So good. I can’t quite put my finger on the smell, maybe because my skin is the key ingredient, but Glossier describes the three base notes: ambrette, ambrox: smooth, and musk.  So, Glossier, I love you. This is also going to make for a great holiday present for my girl-friends. Check!

Keep scrolling to learn more about Glossier You and find out how you can get yourself a bottle.

You: The Ultimate Personal Fragrance
Glossier You: The Ultimate Personal Fragrance 68

The first perfume from Glossier. It’s heavy on the base notes. Mostly it smells like you: that familiar human-y note that makes up the body of what you’re smelling. Creamy, sparkling, clean, warm. That’s You.

The three base notes melt in with your skin…

_ambrette: comfy, warm
_ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
_musk: long-lasting, addictive

And a mix of top notes say “nice to meet you!” without overpowering the base…
_iris root: earthy, green, woody
_pink pepper: spice, sparkling

Glossier You, $60, available at Glossier.

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