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#GirlSmarter: Every Woman (and Man) Needs to Watch These Empowering Ads

For all of us women, as sisters, colleagues, friends, mothers, and daughters, it’s urgent to empower one another–and to support the forces that are forging the mission to equality. The recent Women’s March that took place on January 21, 2017 was meant to unite women–and it clearly authenticated the demonstrable change that can be made when we all come together. So why now? Why is there so much activity stirring around women’s empowerment today?

According to Google Trends, the way we as women spend our time online is changing. “Women are asserting their right to preserve their personal passions online, and they certainly don’t conform to stereotypes.”  YouTube wanted to understand what women of working age (that would be us) are watching on YouTube–and which ads are resonating with us.  In their research, they uncovered three key trends: a significant increase in watch time of business-focused content; a desire to continue learning outside of work through how-to videos; and a preference for advertising that empowers viewers.  Looking deeper, YouTube found that the time women spent watching entrepreneurial videos on YouTube more than doubled year over year.  That suggests that we’re looking at a generation of self-starting women entrepreneurs (Yasss).

And the underlying global forces are listening. Brands like the feminine hygiene company Always are adopting a counterpoint narrative in order to increase girls’ confidence by encouraging girls to “Keep Playing #LikeAGirl.”  As cultural insight mavens, we see something fundamental taking place.  Some people are calling it the Fourth Wave of Feminism.  Fed up with everyday sexism and forged by other forms of activism, women are empowered by social media and other communications technologies. They are speaking up across all sectors, countries, and societies,” according to Forbes.

On that note, smart brands are also in on the conversation by celebrating womanhood in their ads.

Watch these empowering ads by brands that are taking up the cause and then head over to here to shop feminist fashion pieces you are going to love.

Nike: Unlimited You Life isn’t about finding your limits. It’s about realizing you have none. Begin your story here.

Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing Join Always in their mission to increase girls’ confidence by encouraging girls to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl.

Dove | Beauty on your own terms #MyBeautyMySay Is the list of things that you dislike about your body longer than the things you love? Sometimes we really can be our own worst critic. We took to the streets for our Dove film Inner Critic and asked women to tell us their least and most favorite body parts… which answers came easiest? We bet you can guess…

P&G Thank You, Mom – Strong | Rio 2016 Olympic Games It takes someone strong to make someone strong. This summer, as we celebrate the world’s athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games, let’s not forget the person whose strength inspired them along the way: Mom. Thank you, Mom.

Join us in our mission to enable creativity and confidence among women by encouraging the women in your life to help one another be stronger.

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