Bucket Hats Are Back‒Here’s How to Wear Them and 15 to Shop


There are few moments in popular culture that really define the bucket hat. For some of us, memories of Blossom going on her first date come up. For others,  we associate the floppy hats with 90s rappers and hip-hop icons. But as with chokers, kitten heels and tiny sunglasses, the bucket hat trend is having a major comeback moment, and we’re here for it.

The earliest sign of the bucket hat’s comeback was at Craig Green’s SS14 runway. A few seasons later, Burberry and Lanvin started getting on the trend, offering their own versions of the polarizing hat style.  It’s not a huge surprise. We were, after all, in the thick of a major 90’s resurgence.

Still, we’ll be the first to admit that bucket hats aren’t exactly the easiest trend to pull of. It’s one of those love them or hate them trends with little room for leeway.  On the one hand, they can look seriously sophisticated. On the other hand, they can look fantastically uncool. However, with numerous iterations, we’re convinced that it’s easier than ever to find a look that works for your wardrobe.

Ranging between luxe fabrics and bold prints, bucket hats might just be the most versatile add-on to any outfit. Those that embraced the season’s must-have item are teaming it with everything and anything from swimwear to tailored suits. And while we don’t know how long bucket hats will dominate the fashion circuits this time, we do know that the trend is proving to be more than a pure nostalgic remnant.

So, no matter what your personal style might be, we rounded up some of our favorite bucket hats that you can wear year round.


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Straw bucket hats are begging to be worn this summer. Wear this style with an oversized t-shirt dress to get you from the beach to brunch.

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Melesh Summer Beach Hat ($19.99)

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Epoch Linen Cloche Hat ($13.90)


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It’s hard to go wrong with floral prints, particularly when it comes to bucket hats. Pair one with your favourite maxi dress and a bomber jacket for a dynamic, feminine look.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Bucket Fishing Hat ($49.99)

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KBETHOS Floral Print Bucket Hat ($14.99)


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If Rihanna thinks metallic bucket hats are cool, then metallic bucket hats are cool. Take a style cue from the Grammy-award winning artist and wear the metallic bucket hat with a simple slip dress.

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Surkat Foldable Bucket Hat ($18.99) ($13.99)

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Surkat Foldable Bucket Hat ($18.99) ($13.99)


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Perhaps a more daring sartorial choice, the PVC bucket hat is a surefire way to make a statement. The PVC will pretty much go with anything you choose to wear, elevating all your favourite basic pieces.

11 / 21

BOWINUS Rain Hat ($32.49)

12 / 21

JUIOKK Transparent Bucket Hat ($13.39)


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Too much denim is never a bad option. We love this bucket hat paired with denim jeans and a denim jacket.

14 / 21

Etncy Life Bucket Sun Hat ($14.99)

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Cameo Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat ($7.85)


16 / 21

Camo prints look seamless on the bucket hat’s sporty silhouette. Wear one with a denim shirt for a casual daytime look.

17 / 21

THE HAT DEPOT Travel Bucket Hat ($9.99)

18 / 21

GLORYFIRE Sports Hunting Cap ($15.90)


19 / 21

Leather materials give the bucket hat a luxury reboot. Pair it with a strappy dress and some ankle boots for an instant dose of cool.

20 / 21

ZLYC Fashion Bucket Hat ($14.99)

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TopHeadwear Faux Leather Bucket Hat ($12.99)