12 Best Amazon Halloween Costumes You Can Find Under $50

12 Best Amazon Halloween Costumes You Can Find Under $50

Halloween is coming up and you know what that means:  time to be creative and slay.

Halloween is all about wearing a costume that has people wishing they had thought of it first.  Whether it’s a new spin on a classic idea like being a nurse or a completely unexpected one like going as the twin emoji,  this holiday is your chance to let your creativity (or your wild side) shine.

Before you rush off to online stores to buy the best costume ever made,  let me drop a major key your way.  Having an amazing costume does NOT require you to break the bank.  You can look stylish with ideas that are under $50.  Not sure how that can be possible?  Well, just walk with me on the pathway to success.  Successful costume ideas that is.

To help you navigate,  we’ve rounded up 12 Halloween finds–all from Amazon.

From flapper costumes to the black swan,  keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite iconic Halloween costumes. 

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BABEYOND Flapper Dresses 1920s ($36.99)

You can never go wrong as a 1920’s flapper girl.

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PGXT Halloween Party Costumes Feather Angel Wing ($10.99)

Wear these gorgeous black wings with a black swan tutu or with jeans for a Halloween looks that’s totally Instagram worthy.

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ZOMUSA Sexy Sequins Cocktail V Neckline Mini Bodycon Bandage Party Dress($19)

You could take this red sequin dress in so many directions, and the best part is you can reuse it in the future.

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iiniim Ballet Tutu Costume Black Swan Lake Dance Leotard Dress ($40) ($19)

It really doesn’t get sexier than a Black Swan costume for the big night.

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BABEYOND Flapper Dresses 1920s Beaded Fringed Blue Great Gatsby Dress ($39)

If you’ve never been a flapper girl for Halloween, make this the year.

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Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffanys Costume Jewelry and Accessory Set Audrey Hepburn ($21.99)

This Breakfast at Tiffany’s accessory set is perfect to accompany whatever little black dress you already own.

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Diffly Satin Hooded Cape Unisex Halloween Cloak Devil ($35) ($15.55)

Be the sexy witch this year with this hooded cape.

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X&Y ANGEL Popular Kanekalon ($15)

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Fun World Licensed Saturday Nignt Live Spartan Cheerleader ($23.34) ($20.19)

Dress up as the Iconic Saturday Night Live Spartan girl and you’re going to be getting high-fives all night.

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SiYi Blonde Black 2 Tone Short Straight Bob Wig ($20.99) ($17.88)

Hey there, Sia. Get the iconic singers look with this killer black and white wig.

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Frankford Clear Golf Umbrella with White Trim ($39.99) ($21.69)

Pair this clear umbrella with a navy dress you already own to get the classic salt girl look.