How Power Women Dress for Success Today

We’re definitely not the first to say it, but power dressing for women has come a long way. Women’s work wear is now not just one particular style, it’s become a way of dressing—and every designer is now designing for the working women. The conversation surrounding women’s work wear is one that is ongoing—with celebrities, designers, and even power women like chief operating officer of Facebook and best-selling author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, offering up opinions and musings on the best way for women “to dress for success.” And now, The Wall Street Journal has even chimed in on the broader cultural and fashion impact of communal workplaces like WeWork, even going so far as to state that, “In this new creative paradigm, your shirt or shoe is an opportunity to say as much about your company as your prospectus.” This is a major statement on how fashion can really impact your work and your own unique brand and we are now finding more reason to really believe that confidence is the best accessory of all. Now that you know the secret power dressing, scroll through to shop pieces inspired from our favorite power women.  

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Loeffler Randall Callie Platform Oxfords ($395)

11 / 15

Tory Burch Floral Print Cardigan ($301.76)

12 / 15

Comme Des Garcons Play High Neck Striped Sweater ($432)

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15 / 15

MCQ Alexander McQueen Contour Floral Print Skirt ($295)

How do you dress for success? Tell us in the comments below!


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