Gigi Hadid, We’re Buying Your $80 Sneakers Immediately

Gigi Hadid, We're Buying Your $80 Sneakers Immediately

A Gigi Hadid–approved shoe for a mere $80? You simply can’t go wrong.  Hadid loves her classic Adidas Superstar sneakers so much she wears them with everything from leggings to dresses.  The style icon has worn her Adidas Superstar Sneakers ($80) over and over this year with different outfit combinations.  The classic sneakers are as versatile as they are comfortable—the perfect personal style combination if you ask us.

The shoes are so popular that they constantly sell out. Lucky for you, we have good news: One of our favorite retailers,  Urban Outfitters, has sizes available right now.

Scroll down to see how Gigi styled the same sneakers for four different occasions, then take it a step further and shop the kicks for yourself—before it’s too late.

1 / 5

Adidas Superstar Originals ($80)

3 / 5

Adidas Superstar Originals ($80)

4 / 5
Photo:  Image Source: Getty / Marc Piasecki

On Gigi Hadid: White crop top turtleneck ($100); white capri pants ($50); bedazzled gold blazer ($89)  Adidas Superstar Sneakers ($80)

5 / 5
Photo:  Image Source: Getty / Marc Piasecki

On Gigi Hadid: Black woven turtleneck ($29) black leather laced up pants ($1095); black long coat ($799) Adidas Superstar Sneakers ($80)