15 Conversation-Starting Art Pieces That Won’t Break the Bank

On my first day of university, I walked into my empty dorm room, plopped down my bags and before putting my sheets on my bed or unpacking my clothes, I pulled out a print of Monet’s water lilies and tacked it above my bed. Whenever I got too stressed out and needed to calm down, looking at the print always took me to a serene place.

The power of art is not to be underappreciated and while visiting a gallery or museum is an exceptionally beautiful experience, turning your home into a personal showroom is even better. Having a great piece of art can transform a room from stale to stellar—however, choosing the right piece is a meaningful and personal struggle. While selecting art for your home is largely based on personal preference, as with most decor, there are some guidelines we recommend following to maximize your space’s potential.

Rule 1: The dollar sign does not dictate value. You can get a great piece of art for a price without spending a months worth of salary. If you like the art and it speaks to you, it’s valuable.

Rule 2: The style of the room should match the art. Ergo, if your room is filled with antiques, consider a Victorian-style painting with an antique frame. If you have a modern flair to your home, it may be wise to invest in pop art with a sleek frame.

Rule 3: Size matters. If an art piece is too large, it will overwhelm and if the art that is too small, it will get lost and look out of proportion.

Rule 4: Color is key. When selecting art for a particular room, make sure the art pieces incorporates at least two or three colors that are dominant in the room.

Rule 5: Where art is placed is important. Art should typically be hung so that the center of the painting is at eye level

While rules are good to follow, they should be considered guidelines only— so get creative as you want. Before running of to your closest art dealer to shop some wall art, scroll down for my curated list of pieces. I know you’re busy so I went ahead and separated them in the four major categories of art: abstract, animals, figure and nature – so you can select which type of art is most fitting for you! Extra bonus: most of these are free shipping!
Scroll down to shop conversation-starting art pieces conversation-starting art that won’t break the bank!

Set a serene environment with nature art. If you ever find yourself in need of a relaxing escape, consider investing in nature art. Often depicting serene environments such as meadows, ponds, lakes, mountains, oceans, and other landscapes, nature art has the power to whisk you away from mundane, everyday environments to another world. (just as the water lilies painting did for me). I love placing nature art a typically stressful environment such as an office space for a much needed escape.
1 / 17

Soicher Marin Landscapes III ($275)

2 / 17

Graham & Brown Layered Landscape Wall Art ($144)

3 / 17

Dew Doggett Photography Convergence ($299-$2250)

4 / 17

New Era Publishing Inc. Emily Jeffords, Before the Dawn ($289)

Create a modern flair to your décor with abstract art. Void of figures, rules (and sometimes structure) abstract art is composed of incongruent shapes, colors, forms, and lines. Abstract art truly is the best example of conversation-starting artwork. The best part about abstaract art is every one sees different has the potential to become a statement piece in any room.
5 / 17

Carnaby Home Art Robbie Kemper, Pastels with Black ($895)

7 / 17

Carnaby Home Art Robbie Kemper, Pastels with Black ($895)

8 / 17

Vintage Print Gallery Watercolor Abstract Print I ($189-$199)

9 / 17

New Era Publishing Inc Kristy Gammill, Multicolor Abstract ($189-$299)

Add intimacy to a room with figural art. Figural art is any piece that contains a composition of a human figure. The diversity of the human figure is vast and art that embraces it is truly intriguing. Figural art can add warmth and comfort to any room and thus looks best in bedrooms and living rooms – the places where humans should gather and relax.
10 / 17

Munn Works Schiele Seated Woman With Bent Knee ($399)

11 / 17

New Era Publishing Inc. Roberta Pinna, Diva Fifty III ($189-$289)

12 / 17

Soicher Marin Black and White Figure II ($189)

13 / 17

New Era Publishing Inc. Elizabeth Lever, Emerald Rebecca ($269)

Make any room exotic with animal art.
The animal kingdom is vast and mesmerizing: from the colorful fish of the ocean to the birds that fly above and all of the great beasts and creatures in between, animals offer unrivaled inspiration in art. Because of that, animal art is often times exotic and highly fascinating. Pieces that feature animals look great in living rooms to start conversations and even dining rooms.
14 / 17

New Era Publishing Inc. Kate Mullin, The Stare ($199-$299)

15 / 17
16 / 17

PTM Images Heather Lancaster, Ostrich ($99)

17 / 17

Drew Doggett Photography On Guard ($230 - $3000)

What’s your art style? Tell us in the comments below!


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