• 7 years ago
    10 Beauty Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil

    Why It Works:
    The key to thicker, beautifully defined lashes is castor oil. Enriched with a lot of nutrients and a strengthening complex to promote vitality, castor oil has natural microfibers that attach to eyelash hairs and instantly extend the look of each lash. The easy-to-use wand effortlessly combs and separates with each stroke.

    How To Use It:
    The best time to apply castor oil is a couple of hours before bed time. While it is perfectly fine to use them during day time, there is a big advantage in applying the treatment at night as this allows more time to saturate and start the process which aids in growing eyelashes. A lot of care must be taken so as to avoid them from getting in contact with the eyes⏤ and in case you do get some oil in your eyes, you have to wash your eyes immediately. To avoid getting the oil in your eyes, we recommend using a tiny amount on wand to apply the oil.