10 Beauty Benefits and Uses of Castor Oil

10 Reasons You Should Be Using Castor Oil Every Day

While it may seem like you’re just now hearing about using castor oil as a natural hair remedy, castor oil has long been used as a remedy for hair loss and thinning hair. Applied topically, castor oil can help your hair grow longer, faster, and shinier.

It has many other uses as well, including reducing frizz, managing tangles, and helping premature graying of hair. Scroll down for tips on how and when to apply the treatments.

When to use.

Castor oil is best used 1-2x per week. Apply the oil to damp but not wet hair, and let sit for several hours. For best results, use a shower cap or towel to the treatment set into your hair.

How to Remove the Oil

Removing the castor oil can be difficult, so leave a few extra minutes of shower time. The reason it’s difficult to remove is castor oil is very dense. To break down the oil, we recommend that before shampooing, pour a bottle of either beer or a whisked egg onto scalp and massage in. This helps break down the oil, and both egg and beer add additional nutrients to the hair. This is as messy as it sounds, so do this in the shower.