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This is How Victoria’s Secret Models Get Great Legs

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is mere weeks away which means our favorite angels are all hard at work getting ready for the big night.

Yes, undoubtedly these women are blessed with special genes, but exercise and makeup can do wonders for everyone — even angels. So what’s the secret to their perfectly bronzed, flawless bodies?

Turns out the product behind the seemingly flawless, radiant skin of each model is not exactly what we were expecting. It’s body makeup, and the body makeup used and loved by the angels is Vita Liberata Body Blur. It’s a product that’s part lotion and part bronzer that helps minimize blemishes, cover imperfections, and smooth skin appearance. The secret? The formula contains pigments that reflect HD light, which is great for photos and looks gorgeous IRL. Oh, and it can easily shower it off when you choose.

In other words, if Victoria’s Secret models use this product for their big night, it’s also exactly what you need to shimmer with confidence for date night, special events, or a fun night out with the girls.

We asked the brand behind the Victoria’s Secret Angels gorgeous glow to show us how to recreate the look at home. Vita Liberata’s VIP Tanning Expert, Clara Anderson, joined us for a skin finishing masterclass and gave me her top tips for applying body makeup to achieve radiant skin.So, let me be real: I had a date the weekend after our interview and as we all well know, prepping for a date can be nerve-racking. Not only do you have to figure out what to wear, and how to style your hair, but more importantly, you want to create a fresh natural makeup look for your whole body — one that makes you feel confident but never done up.

Having a natural glow all over is the perfect base for your makeup look, makes your skin feel super soft and nourished, and it’s perfect if you’re showing some skin wearing a dress or skirt.  So, it was the perfect time for a sit down with the artist.

From her must-have applications secrets and favorite products to using body makeup for the first time, I needed to know everything. And two hours, one makeup bag, and a couple glasses of Sauvignon Blanc later, I have some answers.

Keep reading for a crash course lesson in how to apply body makeup for radiant, glowing skin.


Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish Latte Light Bronzer, 3.38 fl. oz. ($45)

Style Salute: To make sure I’m exceptionally glowing for my date, is there any specific preparation I should follow prior to applying Body Blur?

Clara Anderson: To guarantee a flawless application, make sure to exfoliate your skin before applying the body makeup. This helps to remove any dead skin cells and creates a smooth base for the lotion. I recommend also using our Super Fine Skin Polish the day before – dry brushing also stimulates circulation, which in turn promotes healthy and glowing skin!

SS: I definitely don’t want to shake his hand with a palm an entire shade darker than the rest of my body. How do I save myself from staining my hands with body makeup?

CA: There’s absolutely no need to worry about staining! Body Blur is an instant body makeup that you can wash off when you choose! For the best result use a Tanning Mitt which will not only protect your hands but also ensure a smooth application.


Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt ($6.50)

SS: Now that I know I won’t scare him away when we shake hands, what about when I wear open-toe heels?

CA: The first tip for getting the most natural looking tan on your feet – there’s no need to apply more product to your mitt. After tanning your legs simply squeeze the mitt to bring the excess product to the surface. Then, brush the mitt lightly over the top of the foot avoiding the sides and back of the ankle, this is where the sun would naturally tan the feet. He’ll only be drawn to your feet because of your sparkly stylish heels, not your over tanned feet!

SS: I’m worried the body makeup is going to look streaky – do you have any tips from the red carpet to make sure my tan looks flawless?

CA: Using a large makeup brush is key for a flawless finish. Once you apply Body Blur using a mitt, take a large blending brush to add the finishing touches and buff areas such as your neck, collarbones wrists, and ankles. I like the brush because it allows you to be much more precise and to blend seamlessly at the edges in order to achieve a flawless result.

SS: What’s the secret to highlighting and contouring with body makeup?

CA: It’s all about the brush. Use a dense contouring brush to add definition to the collarbones and décolletage. The denser brush allows you to achieve a more concentrated shadow, ideal for the hollows of your collarbones. I suggest using our pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse to create a lasting shadow.


Vita Liberata Self Tan Mousse and Tanning Mitt Kit, 4.22 Fl Oz ($54)

SS: I’m wearing a short dress and want to make my legs look picture perfect (like my VS Angel idols). What’s the difference between Body Blur and other body makeup out there?

CA:  True, there are other brands that offer some form of body makeup, but many of these have  a high shimmer content, so much so that they draw attention to imperfections, whilst Body Blur conceals them (get it body blur). So if you’re trying to conceal spider veins, blemishes, and cellulite, Body Blur is perfect because it adds coverage as well as a highlight. Plus, it’s guaranteed to minimize the appearance of any leg imperfections.

SS: My sun-kissed summer tan is quickly fading, but I’m hesitant to use a self-tanner for the first time before my date.

CA: If it’s your first-time self-tanning, try using Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzer. Apply the powder formula over moisturizer or liquid foundation to activate the tanning ingredient. Not only does it give you pure mineral coverage, but it instantly crates super pigmented contours, that last! He’ll think summer never ended.


Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals and Kabuki Brush Duo, 0.32 Fl Oz ($55)

SS: Apart from body makeup, what’s one of the easiest ways to ensure for a healthy soft glow?

CA: Make your skin glow from the inside out by drinking lots of water and eating a healthy balanced diet. Body makeup looks even more flawless worn over the naturally glowing skin, so make sure to stay hydrated and eat foods such as spinach and kale which are rich in L-Lysine. This is one of the essential amino acids that is used in the manufacture of collagen and so it’s really important for giving the appearance of plumped and youthful skin.

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