The 3 Best Self-Love Podcasts For A Better Commute

Confession: we’re addicted to podcasts, especially the ones that help us be better versions of ourselves. Whether you’re single or married, starting a new job or job-hunting–or you’re just totally unsure of what you want to do with your life: It doesn’t matter. A little positive wisdom can always help.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the best female-led podcasts to boost your career, but we’ve since unearthed some brilliant podcasts that can help us love ourselves more and start taking those life risks that we’ve been afraid to do. These incredibly empowering podcasts will help you grow into our own skin and ultimately make the world a more positive place. We listen daily on our commutes, in the office and basically anywhere (and anytime) we need that motivational “You can do it,” nudge.  Believe us when we say you’ll be addicted, too. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three of the best podcasts out there to help you achieve happiness through high self-love. Each one of these podcasts is filled with amazing insight for wherever you are in your life.

So grab your earbuds, open up your Stitcher or iTunes, and listen up.

Mind Body Musings: : Unleash Your Dreams | Change Your Mindset | Break Limiting Beliefs | Take Radical Responsibility

Top self-love podcast

Desperate to launch a career out of your passion, but holding back because you can’t stop listening to your inner critic’s degrading comments every time you feel like taking the step? This is the podcast for you. On her podcast, Mind Body Musings, Maddy Moon offers valuable tips for self-love, acceptance, and empowerment. A former model, Maddy’s mission is now centered around helping women realize the heart-pounding fact we’re only been gifted one life and how every day we’re faced with the choice to either make the most of it {unapologetically} or fight against who you’re really meant to be. Mindy Body Musings will undoubtedly bring positive change into your life.

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Eat Pretty, Live Well
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The Spiritual Gangster Podcast

Host, Caty Pasternak, offers fun and inspiring conversations about personal-development, self-love, spirituality, body image, mindset, dating, creativity, travel, sex–and anything else geared to making your life incredible and fulfilling. These podcasts are great for rainy days and anytime you want to hear conversations to inspire.

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Date Yourself Radio: : Dating Mindset, Relationships and Self Care Coach

self love podcast

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on dating, your search ends here. On her podcast, Dating Mindset Coach, Veronica Grant, teaches women how to date themselves and treat themselves the way they want to be treated so they can have the relationship they desire and deserve. On each episode, you’ll hear live coaching from dating and self-care experts, as Veronica helps real women through their dating woes and answers frequently asked questions from the community. Date Yourself Radio will teach you how to love yourself before looking for love. I like to think of Veronica as the rare non-judgmental best friend who’s always there for support. What’s more, if you have a question for Veronica, you can submit it for Veronica to answer on the show or to apply. Submit your questions here.

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Do you have a favorite podcast? Share it with us in the comments below.