These Are The Best Non-Drying Matte Lipsticks, Ever

From the woman who once appeared on numerous magazine covers alongside models, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford comes a new line of meticulously formulated lip products.

When Patricia Hartmann left the modeling business, she continued to do what she loved the most: understand the needs and wants of women in this generation—and what they want from a beauty brand. “I have always been interested in the idea of creating a more luxurious beauty line with beneficial ingredients that are good for your lips as well as looking great,” Hartmann tells us.

Hartmann was fortunate to work with some of the world’s most successful and revered makeup artist like Laura Mercier and Francois Nars. “In my modeling career, I often asked artists to tell me their favorite products and why they loved them, and their best tips and tricks.” After refining her personal formulas using the best ingredients and the latest technology, Runway Rogue was born. The collection of high-end lip products is everything she always wanted in a great lip product line, and one particular collection we love from the line is the matte lipsticks.

While some other matte lipsticks on the market (we won’t point fingers) may look great for an Instagram selfie, or in Hartmann’s words: “They look great for a walk down the runway. But they aren’t exactly designed for long term wear. That’s why when formulating Runway Rogue’s matte lipsticks, I was on the hunt to research the key moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients that still give the lipstick a matte look. Because the first lip products we made were initially for my own personal use, no compromise was made in the quality or cost of the ingredients — and especially in processes used to develop the product. Runway Rogue is my personal lip product vision to use the best, anti-aging ingredients in superior formulations.”

Hartmann tells us “Life is your own runway,” and Runway Rogue products were formulated for just that.

From the perfect matte nude lipstick to a matte deep midnight purple (we know—genius), there’s a color for everyone in Runway Rogue’s matte lipstick lineup.

So prepare your beauty bag for some newcomers — you’re going to want more than just one. That, plus see Instagram photos of from Runway Rogue (@runway.rogue), including pictures of Hartman behind the scenes mixing colors.

Casting Call
Runway Rogue Casting Call ($21)
Lip Liner in Color Sexy
Runway Rogue Lip Liner in Color Sexy ($18)
Head Over Heels
Runway Rogue Head Over Heels ($21)
Runway Rogue Selfie ($21)
Lip Liner in Haute is Hote
Runway Rogue Lip Liner in Haute is Hote ($18)
Runway Rogue Afterparty ($21)
Lip Liner in Color Strut
Runway Rogue Lip Liner in Color Strut ($18)

Read more about Hartman’s life after modeling here and then shop our favorite from the Runway Rogue lip care line.