This Insanely Affordable Makeup Brush Set Has Over 7000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

Amazon is such an interesting place. You can buy toilet paper, a shower filter,  fig leaf tree, and even Havaianas flip-flops —all in one shopping cart. It’s our go-to place for restocking all our essentials.

But, what we just recently learned is it’s also one of the best places to shop for premium beauty products.  We all know the painful task of finding good makeup brushes.  For most of us, we use our brushes until the hair starts to shed, and then we spend an arm and a leg buying new brushes.  But why not keep our cash, and find a vetted brush set that’s actually affordable and works well.  I set out do this, and after some intimate time on the search giant, I found the best brush set ever (yep, bought it, and it’s pretty freakin’ uh-mazing).  The prize goes to the BS-MALL Makeup Brush set with over 7000 positive comments! Not only is this brush set affordable (marked down to $9.99 from $39.99), it includes 9 (yes, 9!) brushes—one for all your makeup applications.

Scroll down to see and shop the internet’s favorite makeup brush set.

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BS-MALL Premium Makeup Brush Set (10pcs) ($39.99) ($9.99)

Brush Guide:

1.Angled Brush: Perfect for Blush and Bronzer

2.Tapered Brush: Conceal around Eyes and Nose

3.Flat Brush: Foundation

4. Flat Angled Brush: Foundation around Nose and Mouth

5. Round Brush: Powder

6. Small Angled Brush: Contouring Hollows of Checks and Sides of Nose

7. Small Tapered Brush: Concealer on Rounded Areas such as Nose

8. Small Flat Brush Brush: Stipple Concealer and Blemishes

9. Small Flat Angled Brush: Concealer under Eyes and around Nose 10.Small Round Brush Brush: Eyeshadow and Primer

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