10 Ways to Reduce Bloating Fast

10 Ways to Reduce Bloating

We all love holiday eating. The post-meal bloat though. Not so much. Bloating is that uncomfortable, swollen feeling of being full, whether it be with what you have consumed or with gas. It can truly ruin any special occasion, and not just because your skinny jeans might fit too snug. No, the worst part of bloating is the pain and general feeling of discomfort that accompanies it.

Many women find bloating to be prevalent around their menstrual cycle, but it’s a problem for many month-round. The biggest culprit for bloating is actually pretty easy: food and the way that you eat it.

While eating both slowly and mindfully is one solution for avoiding bloat, we decided to put together a list of what experts say are the best foods to consume for beating belly bloat (and feeling better, too!)

Scroll through for 10 of the best foods for de-bloating fast.

1. MCT Oil

1 / 10

Viva Naturals USDA Organic MCT Oil (32 fl oz) ($39.99) ($27.74)

This dietary fat is actually burned for energy! A recent study shows that MCT’s actually increase the release of hormones that reduce appetite. Bye bye, belly bloat.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar


2 / 10

Bragg USDA Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar ($12.25) ($7.05)

Among the many rumored benefits of ACV is digestive health. In fact, this vinegar is even known to help with constipation and heartburn. Simply put a couple of teaspoons into a glass of water before bed, and feel the benefits the next day!

3. Salmon

3 / 10

Amazon Fresh Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon: 6 Oz Dinner Fillets ($66 - 175)

Known as a “superfood” salmon is an ultimate debloating food. This fatty fish has parts protein and healthy fats, which allow for a satisfied, yet comfortable stomach after consumption.

4. Whole Grains

4 / 10

Dave's Killer Whole Grains and Seeds Bread ($12.14)

Healthy whole grains not only keep us full, but give us energy as well. These yummy foods will give you just the energy you need for that workout you’ve been meaning to get to.

5. Nuts

5 / 10

Amazon Fresh Healthy Nut Mix ($17.49)

Going hand in hand with whole grains in healthy nuts. healthy nuts and nut butters are packed with protein and healthy fats that help your body burn belly fat.

6. Eggs

6 / 10

Amazon Fresh Non-GMO Eggs ($10)

If they aren’t already, eggs should be a staple in your household. They are good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can easily be mixed with your favorite veggies (like the debloating spinach).

7. Kombucha

7 / 10

Captain Kombucha Kombucha Tea ($27.99)

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard of the probiotic craze that has hit. Probiotics are popular for a reason. They aid in digestion and come in many forms including the yummy Kombucha. Some bars are even coming out with Kombucha cocktails!

8. Spinach

8 / 10

Del Monte No Salt Added Leaf Spinac ($9.99) ($9.49)

Spinach isn’t just for building strong muscles. It also makes for a strong tummy! Two birds, one spinach.

9. Peppermint Tea

9 / 10

Yogi Tea Purely Peppermint 16 Bag ($13.97)

Peppermint is known to have many positive effects on the gut, including calming and upset stomach. It is also known to help relieve unwanted bloat.

10. Avocado

10 / 10

Amazon Fresh California Hass Avocados ($30.88)

This yummy fruit is not just for making delicious guac! It fills you up, but doesn’t hold onto excess water that can leave you feeling bloated.


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