9 New and Must-Know Etiquette Rules for Hair Salons

9 New and Must-Know Etiquette Rules for Hair Salons
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In 1872, Florence Hartley wrote The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Hand Book for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society, intended to declare the proper etiquette for use of the lady in polite society. One-hundred forty-five years later, many of the same etiquette situations in women’s beauty salons are still present. To add-on, many new queries now come to play.

The question of if we can use our phones during our salon visit is one big query on its own. Is texting ok? What about if you hate your hair? Should you chat with your stylist the whole time? And, in this age of expensive stylist, how much exactly do you tip? We get down and dirty with the answers to a few of the nuances of modern salon etiquette.

After all, you definitely don’t want to upset your stylist (ahem, your hair is in their hands).

Keep reading for everything you need know about hair salon etiquette. Plus, shop a few of our favorite products from Oribe, the most luxurious hair product line.

If You’re Early, You’re On Time


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You’re not the only one having a bad hair day, so help all the girls out after you, and arrive on time. Like any  appointment, always make sure to give yourself a five minute leeway before your scheduled time. If you’re running a tad behind, give the salon a jingle so that they can make accommodations. When the stylist isn’t trying to beat the clock, she won’t stress about rushing your perm or upsetting her next client.

No Cell Zone


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If we’ve managed self-control at the dinner table, behind the wheel, and in a business conference, we can while sitting in the salon chair. If your head is tilted toward the screen or your hand is to your ear, don’t expect to have an even trim or ombré highlight when you look in the mirror. Plus, it’s polite to focus on the person doing your hair, rather than the one on your screen.

Communication Is A Must


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Keep your stylist in the know of your “hair-abouts”.  At every visit update them about any new hair products, treatments, hot irons, accessories, or dilemmas. This will give them an idea for what treatment is best to keep your locks healthy and flowing.

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Picture This Hair


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There’s a reason why they have a stack of photobooks full of hundreds of hairstyles in the salon. Showing an image of your ideal hair is much easier than talking in hair-lingo. Bring an image of your favorite hairdo or red carpet look — and it will majorly help out your stylist. Need some inspiration? Head to our Pinterest “Great Hair”  board for your guide to hair looks.

Trust The Scissors


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You are most likely not the first head of hair your stylist has cut, colored, or styled. They have had plenty of experience and training perfecting their skills, so just sit back, relax, and take in the yummy aroma of hair product. It’s incredibly annoying when you have a client questioning your method, product choice, and every snip.

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Salon Talk


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While you don’t have to become besties, it’s always smart to try and build a relationship with your stylist, especially if you plan on returning in the future. But remember, the girl in hot rollers next to you, and the girl getting her hair washed down the hall, can hear your conversation. So filter out loud chatter, gossip, and anything super personal.

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Tip Some Love


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No matter how expensive the hair treatment, it’s always considerate to tip your stylist and any assistants. We put a lot of pressure on our stylists to make our hair look fab, and they deserve some extra love. A general range to tip is 15% to 20% of the fixed price. If you are especially wowed, add on a little extra.

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Hate Your Hair


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Don’t panic, it’s just hair and it will grow back eventually. After taking a moment, or maybe a few days to adjust to your new look, kindly call the salon and explain your dissatisfaction. Always ask to speak with your stylist so they can directly understand what went wrong. Usually if it’s an error on the stylist’s part, and not just you realizing that you look bad with a bob, the fix will be free of charge.

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Can’t Make It


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The worst thing you can do to the salon and your reputation is be a no-show. If an emergency happens or your hair can wait a few more days, simply leave a message with your salon that you can’t make your appointment. Cancelling  within 24 hours is preferred, because it gives your stylist the chance to make someone else’s hair flip fabulous.

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