How to Make Your Hair Not Staticky, Straight From An Expert

Picture this: you just spent money on an expensive blowout and since it’s winter, you put on your cutest beanie to protect against the freezing cold. When you get home, you find that your fresh blowout has been ruined by static. What was just a perfect do, has now turned into a mess? While it’s sweet to have a bit of flyaway come wintertimes, it’s quite another to have hair flying away and getting stuck on your pretty lipgloss. It’s happened to all of us, which might be why “how to make hair not staticky?” has been one of the most Google’d beauty questions year after year.

Yup, as it turns out, lots of us want to know how to combat that dreaded hair static.  Don’t worry–we’ve got you covered. To help find an answer to that question with a little help from Brianna Colette, for some quick and easy ways to banish full static once and for all. Brianna Colette is a hairstylist out of the Nine Zero One Salon in Beverly Hills, she has styled Lea Michelle and Katy Perry to name a few, and she is a foremost expert in all things hair. We asked her how to combat staticky hair and these were her 3 genius tips (don’t be alarmed, if they sound strange, but they really do work!).

Scroll through to read what she has to say and shop the products Brianna recommend to combat static.

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Redken Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets ($25)

1. Try Using Dryer Sheets

“There is a really old school trick that we use,” Brianna says, “after your full blow dry is done if you run a Bounce dryer sheet over your hair it will negate any static frizz.” Redken makes sheets that you swipe over your strands to keep them on calm.

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Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Hairspray ($20)

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Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray ($29)

2. Use A Lightweight Flexible Hairspray

“After the blow dry is done, I like to spray R + Co’s Foil Frizz, lightweight, flexible hairspray lightly on the hair,” Brianna tells us.

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MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray ($24)

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Drybar 'Money Maker' Flexible Hold Hairspray ($13)

3. If Hairspray Isn’t Working On Its Own, Try Spraying It On Tinfoil

“Sometimes what I’ll do is spray a little bit of hairspray on tinfoil,” Brianna recommends. “It balances the product and the tinfoil calms everything down. Just lightly wipe the tinfoil on the surface of the hair to calm down the frizz. The combination of the product and the tinfoil calms any flyaways.”


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AMIKA Touchable Hairspray ($24)

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