This Is the Best Age to Start Using Anti-Aging Products

The holy grail of skincare, is without a doubt, anti-aging products—especially products that yield real results.  One of the biggest questions when it comes to anti-aging products is when to start in order to prevent future aging. While that question is much debated, the search for the fountain of youth is starting younger. According to the WSJ, women have been showing an increased interest in anti-aging products and ladies in their 30s and even their 20s are getting a head start at preventing aging. Needless to say, we jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon years ago and we’re glad we did—because according to traditional Korean wisdom, referenced in the article, the younger you start the better. And in case you haven’t noticed, skin-savvy Korean women know what their talking about when it comes to skincare.  Thanks to a love of K-beauty as well as beauty lines like Sulwhasoo, a South Korean line recently launched at Bergdorf Goodman aiming as young as the 30 something market, the anti-aging movement is growing in popularity and everyone is learning the benefits of starting early. To give us an expert take on the subject, we caught up with celebrity facialist and all around skincare guru, Joanna Vargas, who offers her expertise on the subject. “I always recommend that women start taking good care of themselves early—mid to late twenties is ideal,” Vargas said of the anti-aging and what age to start. “My rationale is pretty simple: You wouldn’t start going to the gym once you saw your getting a muffin top or your butt is dragging on the floor—you would do it as a preventative. We should look at skincare in the same way. You want to take care of it so it always does what you want.” Vargas also added that you want to make sure you use the anti-aging products that’s right for your skin, not just any anti-aging product. Using the right product for your skin is crucial—make sure to ask the right questions before trying the product on your skin.  Heeding Vargas’s and the article’s advice, more and more skin care companies are releasing lines targeted at women in their 3os and these are the best to use when looking to use anti-aging products in your 20 and 30s. Algenist is one of the companies doing best in the anti-aging products for younger shoppers.  According to the article, “The line is produced by Solazyme Inc., a publicly traded South San Francisco, Calif.-based biotech company who discovered an extract from algae that demonstrated an ability to increase cell regeneration and to reduce inflammation, while protecting from UV light damage. The company created a name for the product: alguronic acid.” The line is doing so well that the Algenist anti-aging serum is one of Sephora’s top three sellers in the serum category, Allison Slater, vice president of retail marketing for Sephora reported to the WSJ. In like manner, Sulwhasoo, a South Korean line recently launched at Bergdorf Goodman  has a line of skincare targeted at prevention and their website says their goal is to: “Balance and strengthen vital energies before visible signs of aging develop.” And La Prairie, recently introduced a line of products called:The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection is designed to “fight first signs of aging.” The formula helps control the evolution of skin aging, recovering hydration and reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. While the task of choosing the correct product may seem daunting, Vargas offers some advice: “For younger women, instead of using products designed for older women that could cause breakouts, I normally recommend using products that offer a nice variety of basic vitamins the skin needs to look great. Vitamin C, chlorophyll, Argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil are all ingredients that pack a punch in terms of vital care that will maintain the skins clarity, elasticity and glow.” The Vitamin C Face Wash from Vargas’s own line of products does the trick perfectly. Whichever products you choose to use, make sure you get started as early as possible, because prevention is key. Anti-aging products have always been the cornerstones of skincare and now that we know that starting earlier can help prevent wrinkles down the line, it is time to invest.  Keep reading for expert-recommended anti-aging products below!

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3 / 11

Nurse Jamie One Step Age Delay Cleanser ($62)

4 / 11

Estelle & Thild Super BioActive Firming Day Cream ($89)

5 / 11
7 / 11
8 / 11
10 / 11

La Mer The Lifting Intensifier ($170)

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