How to Nail Alicia Keys’ No-Makeup Look Using This One Product

Leaving the house without makeup seemed like the impossible until we watched Alicia Keys rock the ‘no-makeup look’ for almost an entire year. Last June, Keys wowed the media when she ditched the foundation, blush, and eyeliner, and went all natural. We must say, from every Hollywood appearance to Instagram selfie, she looked absolutely fierce.

Wanting to be bare-faced beauties too, we tapped Dotti, Keys makeup artist, to find out exactly what she used on Keys’ skin to achieve the glowy, natural, no-makeup look. The answer: Vita Liberata’s Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum, a luxurious serum packed with organic botanicals and delivers a made-to-measure, natural-looking tan.

“When Alicia comes to me for makeup, I always work on bringing the texture of her skin to the front. I just enhance what she brings to me,” says Dotti. ” Instead of using foundation, we use  Vita Liberata’s Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum it’s great when you love your skin but you want to add that hue of life to it.  It just makes the skin look more alive—it gives a tan, but in a very natural way.”

All it takes is a drop of the product into your regular moisturizer (or applied directly to the skin), and you’ll notice a natural-looking tan, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and plumped, conditioned skin.  You choose how light or dark you want to glow, making it totally easy to match to the color of your skin and avoid any unevenness. Also, for those days when you want to rock the makeup look,  just use  Vita Liberata’s Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum as a makeup primer.

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Already huge fans of Keys empowering personality, the “no-makeup movement” has especially inspired us to own the woman inside. If Keys fearlessly appeared in front of millions on, The Voice, only in a face with Vita Liberata’s Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum, there’s no reason to fear going a day or maybe even a week without opening your makeup drawer. As cheesy as it sounds, we are all uniquely beautiful – go embrace you. No filter needed.

Click through for a step-by-step guide on mastering the no-makeup makeup look using Vita Liberata’s Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum.

Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum, 0.50 fl. oz.
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum, 0.50 fl. oz. ($45)

Create a Clean Canvas:

Before applying the product, wash and exfoliate your face well.  Before applying the Anti-Age SerumDotti usually does a mask on Keys to get some moisture in the skin. Dotti tells Into The Gloss that she uses a  lip treatment from Éminence—it’s three steps, so it’s nice to do if we have time. Éminence also has a nice rosehip mask that she’ll do, or she’ll do a SK-II mask.

Mix the Product:

Add 1-3 drops of the Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum product to your normal facial moisturizer and then wash hands. For a deeper tan, apply neatly to the skin.

Use with Makeup:

You can also use the Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serumas a primer serum applied straight to the skin.

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