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A Healthcare Expert Shares 10 Ways to Feel Less Anxious

You love your life and your working toward building your dream career, but sometimes you feel anxious (or maybe you feel it all the time). Talking about mental health isn’t easy, but it can be an important step toward feeling better emotionally and physically. To honor Mental Health Awareness Month and to help you cope with every day stress in your life,  we’re debuting a new series, Healthy Mind, Health You


Anxiety is a normal part of life. But how it affects us on an emotional and physical level and how we deal (or don’t deal) with it varies from person to person. Some people feel more energy when they’re anxious, and it helps boost their productivity. For the rest of us, it can be overwhelming and worse it can make us function at a less than optimal level.

Anxiety is an apprehensive feeling about an event that is yet to happen. You try to make scary predictions about the event. But still, symptoms like increased heart rate, sleep issues and poor or no concentration at work can be attributed to anxiety.

The emotional and physical responses to perceived dangers can be characterized as anxiety. Research says that most body ailments are a result of anxiety.

There are many easy ways to deal with anxiety. Below are the top 10 easy ways. 


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