10 Habits Women With Great Skin Swear By

10 Habits Women With Great Skin Swear By
Photo: Chriselle Lim

Many believe that having great skin is a prized genetic disposition that only some get to enjoy. But, as Brooke Blue, points out in an article on Shape, having great skin is actually under your control and is highly influenced by your daily habits. We get it, of course; changing your daily habits isn’t easy, especially when you have a busy work and personal life. So how do we get better skin without making a huge change in our daily routine? We recommend taking baby steps and starting simple. Small steps make a big difference over time.

To help you get better skin today, we rounded up a list of 10 simple habits that women with great skin swear by— and trust us, the end results will be well worth it.

1. They Remove All Makeup Before Bed

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Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing Daily Face Wash + Makeup Remover with Naturally-Derived Peruvian Tara Seed, Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic & Sulfate-, Paraben- & Phthalate-Free, 6 fl. Oz (2 Pack) ($13.83)

We’ve all had those nights when we get home from a night out and are just too exhausted to remove our makeup for the night. You can be forgiven for that one night, but it can’t be a habit. No matter how tired you are, make it a habit remove all your makeup before you get to sleep. This simple habit is certain to make a difference in the long run. Not only is it important, Dr. Erin Gilbert, but an NYC-based dermatologist also says not removing your makeup is “one of the biggest mistakes” a woman can make where her skin is concerned.

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2. They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Beauty sleep is most certainly a thing. We need that eight hours of pure rest in order to let our bodies retune itself for the next day. Our hydration levels rebalance when we sleep, so not getting enough z’s means we’re more prone to a water imbalance. This ultimately results in those puffy under-eye bags, dryness, and more visible wrinkles (yuck!). Women with great skin also make an effort to sleep on their back, minimizing chance of residue from your pillows irritate your skin. If you have trouble falling asleep, use some herbal essences like valerian and melatonin.

3. They Drink Plenty of Water

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Speaking of hydration, it’s imperative to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Doing so will assist in flushing out all the toxins in your body, and will lead to more radiant, glowing skin. In addition to giving you better skin, drinking more water can also boost your metabolism.

4. They Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen SPF 50+
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The Sun’s UV rays tend to dry out your skin, so your skin reacts by producing more oil, and we all know what more oil leads to…
Not only this, but UV rays are notoriously harmful, as they could lead to skin cancer. Keep your skin protected by using an SPF lotion daily on your face. Sometimes those of us with darker skin tones tend to neglect this crucial step, but sunscreen is a highly effective skincare step for everyone.

5. They Wash Their Face Twice a Day

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Over-washing your face is not good, nor is under-washing your face. Both can lead to skin problems. So what’s the optimum? Just twice a day: once in the morning, and once at night. Voila! See – we told you it was simple.

6. They Use Minimal Makeup

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Unless you’re Gigi Hadid and on camera every day, no one needs a full face of makeup. On the days you can, we recommend skipping a full face of makeup and using minimal makeup instead. Sometimes all you really need to get a gorgeous glow is a sweep of bronzer and a smile.

7. They Take Time to De-Stress

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Feeling stressed can seriously take a toll on your skin, leading to pesky breakouts. People with great skin are usually early adopters of de-stressing habits. Whatever you do to de-stress, whether it may be practicing yoga, or listening to soothing music, make sure you dedicate a few minutes of the day to yourself. Finding a few simple ways to reduce stress levels will highly improve the appearance of your skin.

8. They Exercise at least Twice a Week

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Exercising helps increasing your blood flow, which essentially nourishes and revitalises skin cells. A better blood flow also means it’s easier to carry out waste products from working cells. Additionally, let’s be honest, working out just feels good!

9. They Keep Their Hands Away From Their Skin

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As tempting as it may be, the worst thing you can do to an annoying pimple is pick it or pop it with your fingers. Doing so will only enhance the risk of scarring and dermis damage. The best thing to do is to just let a pimple heal on its own and to use an acne treatment at night to quicken this healing process. We personally swear by Malin+Goetz Acne Treatment and Kate Somerville’s “Eradikate.”

10. They Drink Green Juice

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Full of organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, alfalfa grass juice, superfood powders like Hum Nutrition’s raw beauty green superfood powder are key to having great skin.

Do you have any skincare habits you swear by? Tell us below!